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If you are looking for an Apple iMac, an iPhone, a monitor, notebook, TV, or other electronic device that costs several hundred euros, you usually want very good quality at a very good price. These are exactly the criteria we have used in finding great offers. Everyone can be cheap, a top price-performance ratio is already harder. But at Amazon, we have found something on various places, because the online retailer knows: Weekend is at many shopping time. So not this annoying shopping with out into the cold and purely into the crowd, but this new-modern, comfortable shopping with notebook on the lap at a cup of tea. Accordingly, Amazon attracts with great weekend offers and high discounts with appliances of Apple, HP, Samsung, Philips Hue and Co.

Table of Contents

  1. Which weekend offers are available at Amazon?

  2. Discounted weekend offers at Amazon (selection)

2.1. Apple, monitors, TVs, notebooks, SSDs u. A.

2.2. Smartphones (Samsung Galaxy / Apple iPhone 13), Smartwatches u. A.

2.3. Amazon-Alexa devices

2.4. Gaming and office chairs, desk u. A.

How to Mirror Macbook to Samsung Smart TV

2.5. LED lights by Philips Hue and Govee

2.6. Cleaning articles of Kärcher, Tool by Bosch Professional u. A.

2.7. Watches, jewelry, toys, household items u. A.

  1. Which Apple notebook is right for me?

  2. How good is the MSI Curved Gaming Monitor for 249 € instead of 379 €?

  3. How are the Samsung Qled TV stand out?

Which weekend offers at Amazon are there?

Discounted weekend offers at Amazon (selection)

Apple, monitors, TVs, notebooks, SSDs u. A.

  • Apple MacBook Air M1 13.3 “8GB RAM 256GB SSD for 957.99 Euro ~~ (1,100,50 €) ~~
  • Apple MacBook Air M1 13.3 “8GB 512GB SSD for 1.198 Euro ~~ (€ 1,363.70) ~~
  • Apple MacBook Pro M1 13.3 “8GB RAM 256GB SSD for 1,219 Euro ~~ (€ 1,412.45) ~~
  • Apple iMac M1 24 “8GB RAM 256GB SSD for 1.449 € (~~ 1.669 € ~~)
  • Apple Mac Mini M1 8GB RAM 256GB SSD for 699 Euro ~~ (778.85 €) ~~
  • Apple Mac Mini M1 8GB 512GB SSD for 894 Euro ~~ (1,003,05 €) ~~
  • TV Samsung QLED 50/65/75 inch 4K- & 8K TVs up to 44 percent cheaper
  • Monitor HP X27 27 inch IPS Full HD 165Hz for 189 Euro ~~ (236 €) ~~
  • Monitor HP X27C 27 inch Curved FHD 165Hz for 229 Euro ~~ (289 €) ~~
  • Monitors for Gaming and Home Office of MSI
  • Notebooks and Chromebooks from Asus up to 21 percent cheaper
  • Notebooks from HP up to 17 percent cheaper
  • Notebooks, tablets and monitors from Huawei
  • SSDs of Crucial SATA and PCIe 3.0 / 4.0 up to 28 percent cheaper
  • SSD SSD Samsung 970 Evo Plus 2TB PCIe 3.0 for 194 Euro ~~ (419 €) ~~
  • SSD Crucial P5 plus 1TB PCIe 4.0 for 129.99 Euro ~~ (179 €) ~~
  • RAM memory from Crucial, u. A. DDR4-3600
  • Soundbar Xiaomi 3.1 channel with subwoofer for 219 Euro ~~ (279 €) ~~
  • DVDs and Blu-rays for Valentine’s Day
  • Series on DVD and Blu-ray, u. A. Breaking bath
  • Gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

Smartphones (Samsung Galaxy / Apple iPhone 13), Smartwatches u. A.

  • Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe for 499 Euro ~~ (649 €) ~~
  • Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S21 Fe for 557 Euro ~~ (616 €) ~~
  • Smartphone Oppo Find X3 from 328 euros (449 €)
  • SmartWatch Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 + Buds Live + Warranty for 289 Euro ~~ (583 €) ~~
  • Smartwatches from Garmin up to 46 percent cheaper
  • Apple iPhone 13 Mini 128GB for 725.39 euros (~~ 799 € ~~)
  • Apple iPhone 13 with 128 GB for 813.51 Euro ~~ (899 €) ~~
  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max 512GB Sierablau for 1,499 Euro (~~ 1.599 € ~~)
  • Streaming Stick 4K from Roku for 19.99 euros

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Amazon-Alexa devices

  • Fire TV Stick / Lite / 4K / 4K Max Streaming Stick from 22,99 Euro
  • Kindle PaperWhite 6.8 inch 8GB for 89.99 euros ~~ (129,99 €) ~~
  • Amazon Kindle Reader for 54.99 euros ~~ (79,99 €) ~~
  • Kindle Kids from 74.99 euros
  • ECHO Show 5 / Echo Show 8 from 54.99 euros
  • ECHO Show 5 / Blink Outdoor HD security cameras from 76.99 euros
  • Fire TV Cube 4K UHD Streaming MediaPlayer for 79.99 Euro ~~ (119.99 €) ~~
  • Fire HD 10 Tablet 10.1 inch Full HD 32B for 109.99 Euro ~~ (149.99 €) ~~
  • Ring doorbells, cameras and alarm systems from 49 euros
  • All Alexa savings offer at Amazon in the overview

Gaming and office chairs, desk u. A.

  • Height-adjustable gaming table 160cm for 179.99 euros (229 €)
  • Electrically height-adjustable desk frame for 169.99 euros (199 €)
  • Gaming Chair Omen Citadel (Top rated) for 315.99 euros
  • Gaming chairs from Newskill from 139.95 euros
  • Gaming chair Trust GXT 707 Resto for 188 euros

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LED lights by Philips Hue and Govee

  • Goveee LED Strip 20 meters with remote control for 39.99 euros
  • Goveee LED Flow Pro Lightbar for 65.69 euros (including 10% discount voucher)
  • Philips Hue White & Col. Amb. Lightstrip plus 1m extension for 21.08 euros
  • Philips Hue White & Col. Ambiance Lightstrip 2M multicolored for 62.64 euros
  • Philips Hue White & Col. Amb. E27 LED lamps in a double pack for 75 euros
  • Philips Hue White E27 LED lamp for 14.13 euros
  • Philips Hue White & Col. Amb. LED 3-he Spot for 199.90 Euro

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Cleaning articles of Kärcher, Tool of Bosch Professional u. A.

  • Cleaning equipment from Kärcher up to 49 percent cheaper
  • Hand tools from Bosch Professional and much more.
  • Tool of Stanley, u. A. Circular saw, angle grinder
  • Automobile products from MaxTools, u. A. Batteries

Advertising: LG 65 inch TV Nanocell 4K 120Hz for 799 € instead of 1.599 €

watches, jewelry, toys, household items u. A.

  • Toys for children up to 41 percent cheaper
  • Watches and jewelery of diesel, fossil and Michael Kors up to 63 percent cheaper
  • Household items from Blomus up to 60 percent cheaper
  • Coffee machine Philips 2200 for 258.99 euros
  • Health and massage products
  • Amazon exclusive products for daily needs

Discount offers at Amazon in the overview

Which Apple notebook is right for me?

The MacBook Pro 13 inch is quasi a hybrid model from the larger Pro model and the MacBook Air. It is more powerful than the MacBook Air, slightly larger and thicker, but at the same time performance weaker than the larger Pro model. Therefore, this model is aimed at persons who need more power, but take the device more frequently and therefore prefer the small form factor.

The MacBook Pro 14 inch is the intermediate solution **** between the 13-inch model for normal / travel user and the 16-inch model for professional power users. Thus, it has the memory variants 512 GB or 1 TB and with the Apple M1 per chip with 8 cores CPU over a little less processor performance compared to the 16er, but with 16 GB of memory and 16 or 32 GPU cores over one Higher working speed and better graphics performance.

The MacBook Pro 16 inch is the Portable Power House of Apple. With a weight of just two kilograms, a 100 watt hour big battery, Hi-Fi 6 speakers and a crisp, bright and colorful display, it is the high-end model. It depends on graphic designers, videographers or generally people who need a lot of power in a mobile device.

More about the current MacBook models as well as the iPad 2022 read at the colleagues of PCGH guide.

How good is the MSI Curved Gaming Monitor for 249 € instead of 379 €?

With a screen diagonal of 27 inches (69 cm), the monitor is also suitable for the office or home office. Thanks to MSIS eye-friendly anti-flicker technology and blue light reduction, the screen is designed for longer sessions. A weak point is the Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080), but especially for some older computers, which is calculated when calculating modern games in WQHD or 4K UHD resolution, the full HD resolution is gold-related. Buy MSI Curved Gaming Monitor MAG272C-002 for 249 Euro at Amazon.

How are the Samsung Qled TV out?

Apple, Monitor, Notebook, TV : Great Weekend Offers at Amazon Source: Amazon

At Amazon this weekend offers numerous branded products such as Apple MacBook, Apple iPhone, HP Monitors, ASUS notebooks, and not least Samsung TVs at best prices. Often enough serial and movie lovers, but also gaming fans with a certain entitlement between a TV of LG OLED and a Samsung Qled TV. The QLED technology has developed Samsung itself and is used with TV devices with HDR technology, about 65-inch TV Samsung GQ65Q80A. The QLED TV from 2021 you can buy at Amazon as cheap as never. From quantum point technology results in a larger color palette and higher maximum brightness than conventional LCD TVs. This is achieved by another layer, or an additional rail of nanocrystal points of different sizes. The lights up when the LED backlight meets you. Also Samsung 4K-TV GQ65Q80A from 2021 with 65 inches uses QLED and offers HDR10 + as well as a native refresh rate of 120Hz. Thus, the TV is also suitable for gaming on PC as well as to the Power Consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Samsung Qled TVs at Amazon

Other top offers can be found in our daily updated Daily Deals: graphics card, mainboard, gaming monitor, gaming mouse, gaming chair, TV, games highlights and many other products for PC and console players from Amazon, Media Market and Co. too often reduced prices. To home page to the gallery

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