This hardware needs you for DLSS at Dying Light 2

On February 4, 2022, so tomorrow, Friday, the Zombie Game Dying Light 2: Stay Human after a shift for PC and consoles to the market. The basic system requirements for the PC version have been known for some time. But what about the DLS activated?

This hardware needs you for DLSS at Dying Light 2

The Developer Studio Techland has reported on the community page at Steam to speak to the hardware requirements when DLSS is enabled. At first glance, the information does not differ greatly from the already known specs. However, if you look more closely, you discover deviations from the graphics cards.

If your Dying Light 2 (Buy Now): Stay Human with activated Ray Tracing and DLSS and play in a 4K resolution with 60 frames per second, a NVIDIA RTX 3080 should be installed in your computer. With lower settings, the requirements for the GPU are also sinking. Here is an overview that should answer all questions in this regard.
The DLSS hardware requirements for Dying Light 2: Stay Human are known. (2) Source: Techland

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What is DLSS?

At Deep Learning Super Sampling (short: DLSS) is a technology of NVIDIA, which is based in principle on an artificial intelligence. This scales a picture that is actually in a low resolution, high and ultimately believe you to see a higher resolution in front of you. This technology should especially relieve the GPU and provide better refresh rates. By the way: which contents of the day-one patch includes, you read under this link.

Source: Steam

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