Japan Mythic Metro Devania “BO: Path Of The Teal Lotus” 2 days from the start of KickStarter Achieve the target amount

Squid Shock Studios has launched the KickStarter campaign “ BO: Path of the Teal Lotus ” developed by CHristOpher Stair and Trevor Youngquist from February 1 and released the trailer.

This game is represented by hand drawn animations and backgrounds, and single-play works of horizontal scrolling expansion that are considered to have Metroid Vania elements.

The player is a small fox monster, a haunted house based on Japanese myth and a big city of Japanese style, and an adventure using Bound, air movement. It is an upgrade element of the ability to get the eyes of the sagaru to earn in the way.

This time, the KickStarter campaign, which is a cloudfanding of this work from February 1st. At the moment of 4:30 am on February 3rd from the start, the amount of support by 754 applicants reaches $ 40,570 (4,648,811 yen) for the target amount of $ 35,000 (4,016,797 yen) at 4:30 am on February 3rd. The original target amount has been achieved.

In the same campaign, which will continue to be held until March 3, we have received support for the game main story compatible with 20 dollars (2,296 yen). ** September 2023 is scheduled for the time of receiving a benefit of support including the game main story.

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“Osamu”, “Hollow Knight”, Ghibli films and “Iki’s Blade”, etc. The Steam store page of Lotus ** “can be confirmed here. With regard to console development, first, the Nintendose switch is the top priority, and it is a part of the stretch goal after reaching the first support target amount.

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