Final Fantasy 14: A new sound experience with the Embody GamePack of Embody?

With the immerse Gamepack, embody tries to revolutionize the sound experience in Final Fantasy 14 and promises a lifelike 360 ​​° noise. The trick is that this works with simple stereo headphones and additional hardware is not necessary. To realize this, EMBODY has worked directly with Square Enix and tailored the program to Final Fantasy 14 with you.
The immerse Gamepack appeared at the same time with the recent extension FF14: EndWalker and can be acquired after a two-week test time for 20.23 euros. We have tested the program on heart and kidneys and would like to share our experiences about what it can and whether it’s worth its price. A first impression of the 360 ​​° sound offers the official Tech demo of EMBODY in this video:

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A picture of your ear

Before you can use the immerse GamePack, the software must first be set up. There are some quite unusual steps needed. The program uses a picture of your ear to create a personal sound profile for you.

But this works quite simple: After you create your profile and install the program, you have to scan a QR code with your mobile ph1. As a result, you will be forwarded to one side where you pick up the picture of your ear. This happens directly through the default browser so that an additional app is not necessary on your mobile ph1. The installer will take you step by step through the institution. Source: Embody As soon as it’s done, you only have to activate the GamePack in the game. For this you have to scroll down in the sound options completely down and here the hook with the function “Imsequence Spatial Audio” sets. During the first activation, the program must be active in the background.

All this may sound complicated, but proves to be relatively simple in practice. Overall, it did not take ten minutes until we could activate the program in the game. Once set up, the software no longer has to be started extra and can be switched on and off via the sound options at any time. If you should once again make a new picture of your ear or want to show the program to a friend, you can also create more profiles. If necessary, you can always create new profiles at any time. Source: Final Fantasy

First tests in Limsa and Ul’dah

For our first tests we broke up to Limsa Lominsa, where experience is always a lot going on. Here, the program also proves its full strength. While only the stereo sound can only make up the page from which the noise source comes, one seems to be in the middle of the event with the immerse Gamepack at once. From all sides one hears calls, steps, bard compositions or the hammering of the craftsmen. At the same time, the new soundscape but also quite unfamiliar and the many impressions make it difficult to deal with the individual noises and direction from which they come from.

In order to better focus on a noise source, we have deactivated all sound options except the environmental effects and visited the waterfalls in the goblet crate. With a movement of the camera, it actually looked like the waterfall slowly rotate around us. With eyes closed, it is even possible to identify the exact direction only on the basis of the sounds.

The same applies if another player runs around us around us. Again, we were able to determine the exact position of the character only on the basis of the step sounds. If the player is from us, the steps are automatically quieter. Especially the cities look so on an impressive way alive and always we feel that the world is moving around us. It is fascinating as well as this program succeeds in producing spatial depth only with pure stereo headphones. On individual noise sources, the program can be tested very well. Source: Final Fantasy

Experience in the raids

His full strength, however, plays the sooner gamepack in the dungeons and raids, in which we get the full charge on effects. We can clearly listen from which direction we are just cured and where around us are the different damage classes. Especially the boss capabilities with activated program are once again a lot of impressive. That’s fun and motivated to visit a few dungeons more often, even if we are not needed for our character progress. At the same time, the many noise sources and the different directions from which they come, but also cause confusion.

Customization needed

Tech Demo: Immerse Spatial Audio in FFXIV
The spatial sound works well, but also leads to a somewhat unusual soundscape. For example, the heights and depths of the different sound effects act differently than is used by Final Fantasy 14 (now € 25.98). This becomes particularly clear if you turn on and off the Spatial Audio in direct comparison. So atmosphere noises (such as rain) now significantly steamed, even if they should not be affected by the surround sound. Environment effects such as waterfalls are also quieter, even if we are right next to them. The sound scenery requires us to quite a lot of accuracy – this can be difficult, even if you want to play Final Fantasy 14 for a very long time and you only want to get deserves.

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