At 23: 00h – Follow here the Nintendo Direct

Tonight, indeed, there is Nintendo Direct. One of 40 minutes, more or less, with “Game-centered information that will arrive at Nintendo Switch in the first half of 2022».

With that track, the only ones that seem to have a reserved site are Kirby and the forgotten land , which will be available on March 25, and Advance Wars 1 + 2: Re-Boot Camp , Expected for Spring.

LIVE A LIVE – Nintendo Direct 2.9.2022 – Nintendo Switch

From here, I guess we can play to order the rest of the already announced titles. I start : SPLATOON 3 will come out shortly before Bayonetta 3 *, one in June and the other in August, but I’m afraid that Aonuma will not want to get wet with the date of next Zelda. Bad will be, poor insiders, which does not fall any unexpected announcement on behalf of the Nintendo-itself, the rumors about a Donkey Kong or a new Mario Kart, the truth.

Osti, and I say that we will also see the first trailer of the next film by Chris Pratt., That we are in high season with the final of the Super Bowl and the Nominations to the Oscar.

Anything else? Come, yes. I think that tonight you have to believe in silksong . What are we going to believe, if not? In the Cloud Version of Dying Light 2?

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