“K-content fostering” Smile Gate Futurea, Story Competition held

[Eye News 24 Park Ye Jing] The Smile Gate Purcher Raw announced on the 9th that the “Story Competition” was held for the next-generation intellectual property (IP) excavation and creators.

Based on the cooperation with the Smile Gate Real Rise (SGRL) and cooperation with the Ip-based Content Creative Industry, this competition is based on the cooperation with the SGRL (SGRL), It was planned to find creators who will lead the global entertainment industry and to support them fully.

For electroids, a prize of 5 million won is paid, and a total of five will be selected through examination. In addition, we plan to build an ecosystem that can actively communicate with creators through networking and mentoring between creators.

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This competition judging committee is a smart arc, “Roast Arc”, a “Crossfire”, a “Epic Seven”, and a game scenario writer will participate, and the artist, and the SGRL Story Writer and Producer, This will review the second creativity of the application. Last March, the Smile Gate and Real Rise Pictures have found a joint venture for IP excavation.

Meanwhile, Smile Gate is the game ‘Crossfire’ in the world’s cumulative billion people in the world.

The Smile Gate Futurea said through cooperation with the production partners with capabilities, which has achieved the know-how of creator support projects that last 10 years, and it will promote the next generation of K Contents Story writer.

The judges will focus on the popularity and originality as a work, and we plan to expand extension to secondary content, including movies, games, webtoons, and performances.

The Baek Min-jung’s Smile Gate Futurak Department (SGRL Representative) emphasizes the excavation and planning of the Cornerstone IP, and the character’s personality is full, the character’s personality is full, I have emphasized that it has been emphasized, “As a result of recent games and movies as well as the boundaries of the content, the competitive creators to trigger the future entertainment industry are the competitive creators that can lead to the creative chapters that they can do.” said.

Applications have no limit to the subject and genre, and both of the original crops such as movies, dramas, web novels, and webtoons are enabled. The applicant may submit a work plan to the Future Lap homepage from March 31, which will come to the planning and original crops.

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