Barcelonas Dani Alves steals Aubameyang against Atletico the show

Two burning questions were clarified before the game at Barcelona. Is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in the starting eleven? And what does Xavi do with Ousmane Dembelé? The Barça coach had the same solution for both: The duo sat on the bench, as well as Atletico newcomer Reinildo.

Barcelona put on the freshly committed Adama Traoré in the starting eleven – the returnee adhered to the returnee, Barcelona took the booklet in the early minutes ago 74,000 spectators in the hand. In the 6th minute Ferran Torres was not much left in his left-hand shot.

Atletico was initially dealing exclusively with defensive work – but the first offensive action loved the Colchoneros. De Paul sent to the right Suarez steep, who crossed directly on Carrasco. With the right, the Belgian put the leather punished into the long corner, Ter Stegen was open-chance (8.).

A spotless gate of the Madrilenen, but Diego Simee’s hope for his first victory at Camp Nou quickly made the gardaus – because his team Barcelona’s right side did not get under control. Dani Alves flanked from right to the left towards the penalty area, where Jordi Alba left the leather volley over the cluck, from there it flew exactly in the right upper corner – dream gate! Atletico roared a previous foul game of Traoré against Koke, but remained untroubled.

Barcelona’s second hit also fell on the right: Traoré left Hermoso and flanked from the top line to the middle. Gavi heads vrsaljko on the head, the stiffened leather landed untenable in the gate (21.).

Atletico lies chances – Araushos Riere

Atletico by no means opened, Rather, Joao Felix (24th) and especially Savic had a head (38th) high coward for the compensation – but then flew back a ball from the right side in Atleticos penalty area. Piqué headed the leather after free kick from Alves to the latte, Araujo brought it in the goal in the goal under (43.).

Shortly after the break, the otherwise defensive-strong Atletico could be overpassed again. After a fall from left, two Catalans let the leather pass, Alves was completely blank and crowned his strong performance with a rich flat shot from 15 meters to 4: 1.

ALVES-BLACKOUT does not bring the tension back

Highlights FC Barcelona vs Atlético de Madrid (4-2)
Game decided? Not necessarily. First Suarez set in a row of a corner to 2: 4 (58.), in the 69th minute Stach Dani Alves suddenly the oats. The 38-year-old trathed Carrasco from behind full of the calf, and not even in a dangerous situation. The referee had initially classified the scene as not so dramatically, but the video images looked at only a few seconds before he tackled the red card.

There is still a lot of time for Rojiblancos – but they did not do anything from the majority. Barcelona resisted the semi-hearted attacks without much effort, excitement only caused the red card for Barcelona’s co-trainer Oscar Hernandez and the yellow card for Xavi, complaining about not given free kicks. Also, the debut of Aubameyang, who came from the 61th minute, was largely under, as Barcelona was barely playing forward. Dembelé was no longer used. The Frenchman had been deciphered for the leasing of his name before the game.

The six-minute replay time also brought the Catalans routinely over time. Thus, Barça has overtaken the madrilenes in the table, two counters more you have now on the account – and stand on a Champions League Square.

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