Report: A Monster Hunter style game would be in development as exclusive for Xbox

Microsoft is still working to expand your games offer. With the acquisition of companies such as Animal and Activision Blizzard, franchises such as Doom, The Elder Scrolls, Overwatch and Call of Duty are now part of the extensive Xbox catalog. However, this does not mean that it will be necessary to invest in new and interesting properties, quite the opposite. In this way, a report indicates that A Stilomonter Hunter game will arrive exclusively to Xbox platforms in the future.

According to Jeff Grubs, Certain Affinity , a study that has offered support in several Halo and Call of Duty games, * is working on a title inspired by Monster Hunter for Xbox, known as project luck . * This would mean that we would see an experience focused on the multiplayer, where the hunt of some monster is the focus of the items.

Along with this, sources close to Windows Central also support this report, pointing out that _ Project Luck_ has been under development since 2020, it would be announced in 2023, and it would be available a year later . Similarly, it is talked about that Certain Affinity would also be working on a new game mode for Halo Infinite. Although no further details have been provided on this point, the idea of ​​seeing a Royale Battle is discarded.

Project Luck is added to project Dragon of IO Interactive, dusk Falls_ of Interior Night, and Contraband of Avalanche Projects that are developing in collaboration between Microsoft and Third Party teams. Considering that this game would be revealed until 2023, Although the date could change for issues related to the pandemic, there is a long way for us to see official information about this title.

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Editor’s note:

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The idea that Xbox has its own Monster Hunter style game sounds interesting. Considering that this title would have four years of development for its planned release date, this would mean that Certain Affinity would have enough time to create its own version of one of the most popular Japanese market franchises at the time.

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