The vocal control game arrives on Steam


There is a very interesting game that will be released on Steam in April. Or, at least, very fascinating in the gameplay method. The Go dolphin Games studio announced the release of the game titled Unknown Number, which will be a vocal command game where you can whisper, scream, sing and talk to the voice command just about everything in the gameplay.

The creative director, Thomas Keane, talked about the reasoning behind this game. The voice command is everywhere. And it’s not just Siri and Alexa. These days, even our cars seem desperate to talk to us. But where is the vocal control in the world of games? With UNKNOWN Number, we wanted to create a game that explored the voice as a basic game mechanism. And what better starting point than a mysterious phone call? A phone call that could save the world… but only if you have the gift of chat.
Calling this game a first-person talker, Unknown Number’s story is to respond to the unknown number of two eco-warriors, Amanda and Ethan. In this story, players help the pair in a daring steering on an abandoned oil platform. According to the appearance of their Steam page, it is designed to be an adventure thriller, with puzzles and the possibility of choosing, which means that the actions have consequences.

It seems from the trailer that the story itself is based on audio. Although there is a visual element, showing the phone (the main part of the interaction) and the background of what happens at that time, it seems that players will have to pay attention and Inspire audio signals rather than visual.

But that does not prevent it from being a good story, or to be a good game. So it could be one for the list to buy in April.

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