LOL: Riot listen and finally loads the Dragona Quimtech

When Riot Games introduced the new elementary dragons, the intention was to add more tools to the parties. Scenarios with the possibility of expanding the strategies while a new air was given to the game. Unfortunately for the development team, the intentions did not work as expected once it was launched in season 12.

Dragon Quite was bombarded with criticism, so it supposes its crack. Not only does it grant a similar effect to Sion, it also makes the sentinels have difficulties. We talk about a neutral monster that can turn a party around if the conditions are met. Let’s say, have a One with life robbery that can fight even dead. But that changed on the afternoon of January 24.

Through an official publication, Riot Games announced the immediate deactivation of the Dragon Quite . Indeed, your soul, terrain or model will not be available in the League of Legends games. Thus attending one of the complaints that was present in social networks for a long time.

Over the past few months, we listen to your comments through social networks and surveys that, even with this goal in mind, The addition of the Quite element has been too frustrating in the game , especially if you were in The loser team, the developer wrote on his official page.


It is not a definitive goodbye, at least at the moment . The invoked crack team will continue working in a way to keep the Dragon Quite, but without the elements that make it a headache for the players. Specifically, the group’s attention is focused on the ground and as it should work without being something problematic.

There are still no details about how the new Dragon Quite will work or aspects that will remain in your new version. We can only celebrate that it will not continue affecting the crack of the invoked, both at a casual level and Esports.

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