RPG in the old Rome is already a steam shortly before release

A new game on Steam sends you into the antiquity. In the old Rome you will become the director and must lead your Legion to victory. The Steam community leaves expeditions: Rome already the list of Steam Top sellers storms, although the RPG has not yet appeared.


Roman RPG storms the Steam Top seller: Release is coming shortly

The round-based RPG Expedition: Rome puts the future of the Roman Empire in your hands. Instead of just controlling a simple legionnaire, you get the same control over a whole army . The Steam community seems to please that, because it brings the RPG already in front of the fourth place of the top seller list. However, you do not have to wait too long anymore, because expeditions: Rome already appears in a few hours.

But what is in the Roman RPG now? And much more important: how does it play? She slips into the role of a young director who had to flee from Rome and now leads three war campaigns through Greece, North Africa and Gaul . It applies to legionnaires to recruit that improve the camp, to learn new weapons and armor and learn tactical skills. In the gameplay trailer you can also see how the battles will play.

Expeditions: Rome has a free demo

Since expeditions: Rome has not yet appeared, there are no player opinions that can reveal how the antique adventure arrives at the community. The predecessor in the spirit expedition: Viking is currently at 83 percent positive reviews .

In addition, you can try the game already with a free demo . If you like what you see and play, you can currently save even. Until the release in about seven hours, the Roman RPG is reduced by 20 percent and costs only 35.99 euros.

The round-based role-playing of expeditions: Rome creates a good start to Steam , although it has not yet appeared. However, the final opinion of the community is not until the first user reports.

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