Like Pokemon with horror and machine guns: Look at this game!

There is nothing, what it does not exist – and this proves today Pal world very wonderful, a Pokémon-like catch-the-monster multiplayer game with machine guns, chained pals – these are the monster and pals working in weapons factories. What the hell?

Everything is wrong with Pal world and the fans love it: The upcoming multiplayer game of Pocketed looks at first glance like a Pokémon offshoot, just that the little monsters are now running around with weapons and the pistols as well as machine guns even produce in factories . Pals are called the animals, and those in Pal world will not laugh as much as in the Pokémon universe: apart from the factories in which they need to work monotone, some scenes in the trailer show them even chained in a kind of experimental room.

All Pokémon lovers should enjoy the following video with caution:

like Pokémon – only with crafting, survival, multiplayer and thick cannons

Developer Pocketed had already grown with Creighton all sorts of game mode and trends together: The Early Access game is anything between Minecraft, Breath of the Wild, Pokémon, Generic Survival and Hack’n’Slash, with significantly more Play was looked out. Creighton, however, has pretty good reviews on Steam.


Pal world will probably come back a few genres with some other look again, but with a focus on the Pals: You can make friends with the cute creatures, to capture, feed, and let them work in factories! Depending on how sadistic you So, you should treat them well or simply enslave and eat. Pal wold does not seem to be as child-friendly in the way his role model.

Pal world is expected to appear 2022 , a detailed release date is not yet known. So far, Pal world should only appear for the PC, but Creighton is already on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S – the same could also happen to Pal world as soon as it appeared.

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