Blizzard: “Our teams and players always have top priority”

Mike Year, the Head of Blizzard Entertainment, published a new blog post to the recently announced acquisition Activision Blizzards by Microsoft. In this, Ibarra focuses primarily on the different measures taken to recover the trust of the players in Blizzard.

The well-being of our team and our players has the ultimate priority for all our projects.

Blizzard wants to improve internal culture

To improve the culture at Blizzard, a few new jobs have already been created, which are to be 100 percent with this task:

More employees should now fully work to improve our culture. Much too often, these important tasks involve working groups full of employees who already have a full-time job. To the leadership positions that we have created for this new team include:

Under the new positions is a Culture Leader, which preserve the best aspects of the status quo and blizzard should develop there where it is necessary. Furthermore, there is a new organizational director for the HR department, and a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE & I) Leader, should focus on progress in these areas.

In addition, the size of the Compliance and Investigation Team tripled and made clear that unacceptable behavior will have consequences. How Ibarra writes, the management level is now measured directly at the cultural improvement. Their remuneration should now depend on directly from the overall success, creating a safe, inclusive and creative work environment at Blizzard.

S voltages to blizzard-playing next week

Year continues to emphasize that these measures are just the first steps for Blizzard. Also interesting for all fans of Blizzard titles: The team is probably aware that they have to present their players more often to present new content, which is why we can look forward to a few exciting announcements next week.

We have some exciting announcements for you and next week you will learn more.

We may experience the release date of patch 9.2 next week, or receive more information about the pending Overreach 2.

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