WoW TBC Classic: War Glaves of Azzinoth

In just under a week, it’s finally time! On January 27, 2022 the black temple opens in WoW: Burning Crusade Classic his doors ! Oh, and the Battle of Hyjal of course too. Last-mentioned RAID instance, despite its connection to Warcraft 3, is much less popular with many players. The numerous trash waves nerves at some point only and also at Archimonde can quickly rummage frustration when an unfortunate death triggers a chain reaction, which ends in the X-th wipe.

Legendary good loot

The black temple , on the other hand, has a similarly atmosphere and flair like Naxxramas and therefore comes with nine ophissors, including Illidan, one of the most icic antagonists of the Warcraft History. And just that Illidan leaves the strongest weapons of the TBC era: the twin blades of Azzinoth ( War Glue of Azzinoth \ + War Glue of Azzinoth ).

Rogues and warriors carrying this gleven catapulting in terms of damage almost playing easily in almost all boss fights to the top of the DPS charts, and even in the PVP they are just strong. The bad news: The two legendary weapons are unfortunately extremely rare. The author of these lines could not even get a Gleve from Illidan in original TBC.

An editor of WOWHEAD has calculated that the chance of only one (!) Gleve after 14 Illidan kills should be 26.2 percent. After 24 kills, it is already 50.1 percent and after 40 kills 75.9 percent. In 40 weeks, we probably will fight against Kil’jaeden and look forward to Wotlk Classic.

Is there the perfect Loot Prio?

Now, of course, the question is: Who give this extremely strong and extremely rare weapon first? The Gleven are Best in Slot for furor warriors and fighting rogues. There is no better option throughout the TBC era. Combat rogues get a little more damage into individual target situations from the weapon, furor warriors rock fight against several enemies.


Already in March 2021 Sno and Zurene had dealt with the topic in their podcast and defined for themselves several options for the Loot Prio: 1) If you have only a rogue in the RAID, which has been active since Phase 1 armor weaknesses, gives you he the weapons. 2) If you play in a Speedrun guild and the weapons should have the greatest possible effect, the blades give the furor warrior who pumps the most DPS. 3) If you play in a normal guild, rewards a player with the weapons, which has done enormously much for the guild.

Alternatively, you can, of course, run the glen normal over your normal Loot distribution system. For example, if someone spends DKP for the weapons, but he or she is the risk of receiving no single or very few prospects from the black temple (simple because the gleven does not want to drop).

How do you solve this challenge in your RAID? Have you already talked internally about the Gleven? Betray us in the comments!

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