Fishdom tricks: infinite and secret lives to win

The little fish of wisdom and its educated puzzles are already one of the most played mobile games in iOS and Android, but that does not take away that sometimes a help, and surely these Wisdom tricks They come from pearls.

Trick to get infinite lives in Wisdom

If you have run out of attempts, and you want Get Infinite Lives in Wisdom , Eye this simple trick to cheat your device and make you believe that the time has passed to recover them again.

To perform the trick you will simply have to go to the settings of your phone, modify the terminal time, close the game and re-enter so that the lives are back to complete. Remember to return the time to your usual state.

A lot of eyes in doing so immediately because it is likely that the lives are negative or that the game is realized by the player, so that’s why it’s better to wait for when you’re not going to play for a long time to return the clock at your normal schedule.

Tricks to win in Wisdom

If you are looking for tricks and tips to overcome that puzzle that has been stuck and that you do not get to complete, look at this series of strategies that will help you win unpaid in Wisdom :

  • The best initial play: Often a good first move can save you the game, so if you want to start with the best possible foot I recommend that you look carefully what the situation is instead of throwing you head for the play more evident.
  • Analyze each play: Analyze each movement before moving any piece. Not only to see what result you will get, but also to try to guess what will happen next. With patience and good eye you will see how the bonus multiply and your chances of winning.
  • Take advantage of the gifts: The bonus and enhancers are there to use them, of course, but make sure you take advantage of them well instead of throwing them at any time. Guards for when a puzzle is traveled for several games.

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