ESLAND Awards – All nominees and award-winning night of the year in the world of streaming

Last night was held at the Paley of the Catalan music of Barcelona the event island , organized by There , and who sought to award the flower and cream of the creation of content in Spanish. IAI, Autoplay and many more were cited in such a beautiful location last night to distribute that award-shaped award for support and recognize content in the Spanish-speaking.

During the duration of the gala there were many winos to a spectacular year for the creation of live content. Large names of the scene were present at the event in a face-to-face manner, as well as many others connected digitally because of the logistical difficulties in the middle of a pandemic.

The vote was carried out with 50% of the public votes and 50% of Streamers’ votes.

All the winners

Clip of the year

  • A — Mr Jagger
  • This is not a game — Pokeys
  • I recognize it, I’m Ammeter — IAI
  • Vamp to Jug — Run Ague

Fail of the year

  • Ammeter
  • IAI
  • Pereira vs Tole
  • Pokeys.

anger of the year

  • DJ Mario.
  • Agustin51
  • Looks.
  • Disaster.

Dance of the year

  • Mario.
  • Cos cu and CZK
  • IAI.
  • Pahlavi

Role player of the year

  • Cristina.
  • AgentMaxxo
  • Sparsity.

ESPORTS player of the year:

  • Eloy.
  • Maxwell
  • Th3Antonio.

ESPORTS reporter of the year

  • And you
  • Cristina
  • Toad Amarillo.

Caste of the year

  • AQUA
  • Champ
  • Not

Streamer IRL of the year

  • Miller.
  • Kids
  • Memo.
  • Titus clan.

Song of the year

  • For the Haters — Fernando
  • Tofu Delivery — Oslo X Rogue
  • Toxicity outside — IAI
  • By air — oak

Best Jagger of the Year

  • India.
  • Jagger Boxer
  • Professor Jagger.
  • Jagger Princess


  • Esportmaniacs
  • The beach bar
  • Internet.

Best trajectory

  • Alexelcapo.
  • NERO.
  • Fernando
  • Out consumer.

Event of the year

  • Bells 2020.
  • GRU destination AG
  • World Balloons Championship
  • The evening

Streamer Revelation

  • Begin.
  • Mariana.
  • Looks
  • Lojban.

Best series of the year

  • Tortilla land
    Ego land.
  • Marbella Vice.
  • Arcadia.

Streamer a year

  • Autoplay.
  • IAI
  • JuanSguarnizo.
  • Lucius.

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