Hitman 3: IO Interactive introduces new content for year 2 of the game

Hitman is a video game collection of the Danish Designer Workshop IO Interactive. It has to do with the order awesome representative 47 produced in Gen labor, whose skills are tailored to kill emotionless as well as targeted. It is assigned only with the code word 47 or as Agent 47, in individual goals he lugs the deck name like Tobias Raider or Mr. Metzger. In the games you can switch from the common third-person viewpoint to the PERSPECTIVE.

Some time ago, the developers of IO Interactive have announced that Hitman 3 (from 44.90 € at Buy) will also be supplied with new content in the second year after the release. With which innovations the fans can expect in the next few months, the team has now revealed in a video. Anyone who has not had a chance to deal with the latest excursions of the seashore can do so from January 20, 2022, with the Launch of the Hitman Trilogy for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. The collection contains the three last games of the series. By the way, the Hitman Trilogy will be available directly to the launch for all subscribers of the Xbox Game Pass.

Another highlight on which player from Hitman 3 can look forward to this year is the new Freelancer mode. This is a Rogue lite variant of Hitman, playing an important role in planning. Missions are adopted here in the brand new Safe house. The special feature here is that you can only retain the items that you have in your inventory after completion of the contract. All other items stay back at the destination. In the new video, the makers give a view of Freelancer mode, which should already appear in the spring of 2022.

IO Interactive also announced that the so far for PlayStation VR Exclusive VR mode will also be available on the PC from January 20, 2022. In the next few days, the developers want to publish a list of all compatible VR glasses. Technical improvements with Retracing, VRS or the LESS technology from Intel are also planned. Over the course of the year, a new map should be added, which currently bears the code name Rocky.

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