Be a necromancer with the new GOG new game and iratus claim Lord of the Dead for limited time

The computer game Dungeon Caretaker (English, freely translated Kerkermeister ) is a real-time strategy game from 1997 in which the gamer builds underground spatial complexes (supposed dungeons) to clear up beasts with which he can overcome the underworld. Among other things, the game is characterized by its initial scene as well as the periodic turnaround of the role-games roll circulation: Right here, the player as the Boxer warlord leads the beasts, while the challengers great heroes stand for.

What does winter convey you? Deli and blanket evenings? Comfortable video games? Be that as it is, Gog has a little different opinion, as it invites us to overcome the cold with a free and brutal free game. STATUS: Lord of the Dead can already be claimed at the CD Project digital store without spending a Euro, which will give us the opportunity to enjoy an unstoppable routine.

If you liked The Darkest Dungeon, it is very likely that Status: Lord of the Dead is your ideal game. Here, we embodied an evil necromancer that seeks revenge through fighting at turns where we use (and sacrifices) creatures created by our hand. Therefore, we have the possibility of Create an army of zombies, vampires, skeletons, mummies, banshees and more beings thanks to the fallen enemies, of which we can extract organic members to expand the number of allies.

But the game goes beyond the necromancy, since it will also do us analyze each battle at a millimeter. To win the fighting, you will have to know the strengths and weaknesses of enemies, which will force us to adopt strategies at every moment and lose some of our creations forever. An idea that expands even more if we take into account all the skills possessing 19 types of beings that we can unite the army.

NECROMANCER'S Undead Army Invades Humanity in Iratus: Lord of the Dead!
Keep in mind that, if you see you attracted by this world of necromancy and blood, you can access Status: Lord of the Dead until the day January 5 at 15: 00. On the other hand, digital stores have wanted to welcome 2022 over the high, and that is why Epic Games Store is giving the Tomb Raider trilogy until January 6. So, either with Machiavellian plans or with epic adventures, we have a couple of reasons for enjoy video games during the winter.

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