Virtus Pro dissolves after a series of bad results in R6 Siege

Hackers Can Break Reinforcements With Guns - Rainbow Six Siege

After a series of bad results, announced that they will be dissolving the current ESPORTS team regarding the competitive scene of Rainbow Six: Siege. This news was shared by the organization in social networks, where they also explained why. > From now on, the alienation becomes inactive. We will be working on rebuilding the team facing at the beginning of the next season that will start in February 2022. Virus. Pro apologized for not having fulfilled the expectations of the community, in addition to not having a good year in R6: Siege compared to the past. There were several factors that intervened with these results, particularly the pandemic and the changes in the alignment, which resulted in the absence of at Six Invitational, one of the most prestigious events of the play. Via: Twitter

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