From business to leisure activities `Comunt Bus` demonstration video

The Laser Communications Relay Demonstration (LORD) is a NASA objective that will certainly test laser interaction precede for very cross countries, in between Earth and geosynchronous orbit.
After being integrated into STPSat-6, a component of STP-3, LORD launched on 7 December 2021 on an Atlas V 551.

Com2us was first released a World Concept Overview video and prototype test demonstration video of its own meta bus platform ‘Com2Verse’.

Com2us is a ‘Comforts’ Mirror World Metabus Platform’, which is a Comforts, which is developing all groups of competence, including the Wis wick Studio. The real world system such as society, culture, and economy is moved to a digital world, and is made of real life space where everyday life is done.

‘Community World’, Games, Music, and Movies, and Performances, etc., which provide services such as ‘office world’, financial, medical and education, and distribution, ‘We provide experience in reality through four worlds.

Easy Icebreaker Activities: The Numbers Game
The test demonstration video of the published prototype build with the published prototype build also followed the day of the new employee from the ‘Comforts’, and the details of the ‘Office World’, which was actually worked, and the first time the business environment was released for the first time.

In the video in the video, the Office World provides a smooth metabus work environment that is not courteous, such as commuting business employees, schedule management, sake-by-basis, and presentations, etc.. Com2us Song Jae-won, Lee, CEO, Park Gwan-woo CMO, also appeared in the demonstration video and cookie video, showing a new and efficient office life in ‘Comforts’ through burns.

In particular, the image was to obtain the ‘economics’ of the economic system, which is the owner block, which is the current Com2s group, which has acquired token compensation according to activities and performance. Com2us is a subject of production and consumption in the met averse, and the various activities of the user are linked to economic compensation, and the compensation will reward the token economy cycle that leads to consumption goods such as digital assets and services.

Meanwhile, the Com2us Group will bring about 2,500 people in the second half of 2022 to the Comforts and opens a full-fledged Mirror World Metabus era. We are currently designing partnerships with leading companies in the present and designed metabus ecosystems, and in the future, we plan to create metabus cities in one space, leisure, and economic activities in one space.

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