Large Youtuber to Minecraft tells cheerfully how almost the arm was amputated

The YouTuber Techno blade (22) has almost 10 million subscribers and is known for its contents of Aircraft. In recent months he struggled with a cancer. In a video he tells of his experiences, again, and again he was just before an amputation of the right arm to save his life.

Who is Techno blade?

The 22-year-old American is one of the new generation of Minecraft-Youtubern, which has become unbelievably huge and often communicating and in rivalry. For example, Techno blade has links to people like PH1LZA, Dream or Tommy innit.
In August 2021, Technology announced his fans that he suffers from cancer. A sarcoma was detected in his right arm. The YouTuber Dream then organized a charity action to help cancer research. There was a lot of money in.
Now in December 2021, Technology reports how to escape the cancer.

Have two arms is already pleasant — I would like to continue

He says now : On Christmas Eve, on 24.12., Techno blade released a video on YouTube I Almost Became at Amputee, in which he told amazingly cheerful and openly talked about his fight with the cancer:

In essence, he had agreed several times that he would lose the right arm in a life-saving amputation in November.

He got a message in mobile phone as the appointment for his arm amputation was entered in the calendar.

The operation on his arm then ran fantastic. Techno blade only complains that the reconstruction of his arm mass was taken from his leg. This apparently has damaged the body part, which he is unbelievably proud, its thigh muscle:

I knew you had to reconstruct my shoulder after the surgery, muscles and skin had to take from another body of my body, but I thought they take the muscles of my back, from Longissimus Doris. I found that okay because no one is interested in the Latissimus dorsi, that’s the most worthless muscle.

But instead they took it out of my thigh muscle. That’s my best muscle. That’s what people say about Techno blade: He is weak, fragile, a gamer, but man, has the thigh muscles!

Techno blade also has seeds in it like:

To have 2 arms is pleasant. I want to continue this trend.

How is this discussed? The super-cheerful sound in such a serious topic is discussed heavily in the community. A user says:

The sound makes it bearable not only for him, but also for us.

Even in the hard-minded Livestreamfails one pays the streamer respect:

He actually wanted to make an elbow reveal before 10 million subscribers. My face, what a content king!
I have never seen his content. But God damned someone’s jokes about losing an arm of cancer has my respect. What a guy!

Minecraft is also 2021 still huge, also thanks to young content creators who are always new ways to keep the game attractive:

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