WoW TBC Classic Does Classic Fresh affect server

With the current ID of WOW: Burning Crusade Classic came the Nerfs for the snake strain and the fortress of storms, also disappeared the Attunement Requirements for the Tier 5-RAIDs. Or otherwise formulated: The Blizzard developers set the course to set up Phase 3 from TBC Classic.

How much is going on in the shard?

So we approach the third phase of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic and use the chance to look at the server populations in December 2021. Especially since it is exciting to see how the season of the championship has affected the population. For our check we visited Ironwork. Pro again. There all characters are recorded, which have emerged in a log for a TBC endgame content in a log.

This NEEDS To Be FIXED For Fresh Classic Servers in Classic WoW
So we see how many characters participate in the various servers at the Pre-engage (the characters that were additionally recorded in the arena, we do not take part for reasons of comparability). The recent figures come from the last December ID from 08 December 2021 to 15 December 2021.

The populations of the TBC Classic server

The US server Benediction is again the largest (TBC) Classic server! There were 22,343 characters (in November: 21,277 characters, a big jump!).
The leader of the last month, EU server Fireman, now comes to 20,913 characters (21,890)
The largest German TBC Classic server is still Venous, with 8,978 characters (8,324 – 51.8 percent Horde (in November still 63.5 percent!)).
The formerly largest deserver Overlook comes to 7,675 characters (7,796 – 71.9 percent alliance).
Luciano continues to lose and currently comes to 2,337 (instead of 2,818) counted characters (at 100 percent horde)
Razor fen were counted 5,644 (instead of 5,507) active characters (at 52.2 percent alliance).
Dragon’s Call comes to 2.408 (instead of 3,149) active characters (at 66.9 percent horde)
Lake shire comes to 4,224 (instead of 4,099) active characters (at 63.8 percent alliance)
Patchwork comes to 3,169 (instead of 3,599) active characters (at 72.3 percent horde)
Transcendence comes to 3.121 (instead of 3.620) active characters (66.9 percent horde)
For Airstrikes no logs were counted this month, in the last month there were still 1,988 active characters
For Celebrate, after small growth, it went down again: There only 212 (instead of 442) characters were counted on Warcraftlogs, of which 0 (in November 69) on Horde side.
In total, 295,225 RAID active characters were counted across the regions US, EU and Russia (in November: 352.712).

Sink the total numbers

Let’s hold: about almost all servers, the number of players drop easily. Realms who are noticeably giving up, on the other hand, there is hardly anyway. Certainly this also has to do with the season of the championship, which is particularly interesting thanks to the hardcore option for numerous Classic fans. It will definitely be time that Blizzard soon announces Phase 3 by Burning Crusade Classic.

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