The Witcher Season 2 Start Time Follow and More

On Friday it’s time, then finally goes the second season of The Witcher on Netflix at the start. Meanwhile, the exact time is fixed, from which you can stream the series. Should you already in the Christmas break or become afflicted in the home office of boredom, you are allowed even early in the morning to get started:

  • release starting time of The Witcher Season 2: 17 . December 2021, 9:00 German time

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How many episodes are available in The Witcher Season 2?

As in the first season, it will again be eight episodes, probably all have a term of less than one hour will have. In addition, as usual unlocked all the episodes in one go at Netflix. If you want, you can, so you look at the second Witcher-season in a long binge.

A new image also has uploaded those responsible. On display are Gerald, Cirri and Semi, who was last seen in his own animated film Nightmare of the Wolf:

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story and characters in the second season of The Witcher

The story should tie in season 2 where the first season ended. However, the narrative structure is likely to be less complex. What exactly that means remains to be seen, but probably there will be no great leaps in time more and the story is told chronologically. If you have not been paying attention, you could get confused before, in which time level you are in the first eight episodes.

main characters remain the same: In the center of the action again are Gerald Jennifer and Cirri, the focus could shift a little in favor of the Witcher aspirant. In the first season to Cirri was still on the run, respectively, on the defensive. Now she goes through a hard workout on Keyed Moorhen, the Witcher castle. It is likely that Cirri will soon intervene actively in the struggles and conflicts on the continent.

New supporting characters: The promotional material makes clear that some smaller figures will play a more important role in the second season. For one, that’s just who and represents an important person Semi both Gerald for Cirri. In addition, other Witcher as Lambert and Coin come. In Jennifer story arc, the magicians Priscilla Vigo and Francesca Findable will be represented prominently manifest.

An official trailer of course there are:

critics are full of praise

Some media representatives were able to obtain all the eight episodes, and the ratings are quite positive before the launch. Of course, everything is not perfect, but the main points of criticism, as just the sometimes tangled story and some unconvincing costumes, the producers seem to be addressed. The success of the first season should have brought the team a decent budget.

Are you looking forward to the second Witcher-season, and you see it right at you on Friday?

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