Alarming Corona situation in the NFL Browns and Rams affected

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NFL Exploring Changes to Their COVID-19 Protocol - Sports 4 CLE, 12/15/21

On Monday, the NFL had reported a new negative record with 37 corona cases in players and employees, on Tuesday, almost as many were added. Particularly affected are the Cleveland Browns, where after receiver Jarvis Landry, Tackle Jed rick Wills or Tight End Austin Hooper have now been positively tested for Quarterback Baker Mayfield and Head Coach Kevin Stefan ski. On the other side of the country, the Los Angeles Rams, among other things, caught the former Browns-Profi Odell Beckham Jr., who had just found himself in the openness of the Super Bowl aspirant. The Rams had to close their training center completely, the Browns is now the same. And: Cleveland is already demanding on Saturdays for Las Vegas next weekend. Then probably with a completely new offensive.

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