Werder Bremen The plan with record player Chiarodia

Clemens Fritz (born December 7, 1980, in Erfurt) is a former German football player. Since November 2019 he has actually been employed at Welder Bremen as Head of the Scouting Department.

A professional debut with just 16 years and 188 days — in the past it was in the history of the SV Welder Bremen so far nobody yet. The name Fabio Chlamydia has been standing in the history books of the club last Friday since its interiors at the 3-2 victory in Regensburg. Previously, there was the record of players Nick Homemade, which (17 years and 352 days) was now rejuvenated again.

The new record holder recorded a single ball contact during the detention time in Regensburg, and the data collectors recognized a mileage of 0.2 kilometers. It could have been the first professional ride of a possibly promising career of this great defender talent. Could. A guarantee that his development continues so promising as so far, there is never in this industry.

Physically Fabio is already well mature for his age, he has a good speed, a good starting game.

Clemens Fritz

That’s why Clemens Fritz, Welder’s Head of ProfiFussball, was looking for Charolais Premiere in the 2nd league the exchange with him: That was the first step, but it was still waiting for him, he let him know, that’s him Also aware, and he accepts that completely. The prerequisites, however, were undoubtedly given the eight-time Italian U17 international: He brings a lot of development potential, says Fritz, footballer, he is well-trained, physically he is well mature for his age, he has a good speed, a good starting game
He may need to get used to the battle behavior in the 2nd league and Fabio know, FRITZ explains that he has to develop further. But he is absolutely learning and above all learning — that’s the crucial. If it is compatible with the teaching times in the school, Chlamydia is already trained by the professionals. Against Schalke on November 20, the 16-year-old was for the first time in the professional cider, even in the subsequent game in Kiel — before he retailed a corona infection.

Game practice at the U 19

Werder Bremen Realistic Rebuild

For game practice, predominantly should be provided at Welder’s U 19, but it is said, but of course other missions to the professionals can be added, Fritz is in the prospect: This is also a bit of it on him. We trust him with this jump Absolutely. Already in October Chlamydia extended his contract at Welder long term, as the second division announced at the time.

As one of the most talented players in Europe in his vintage he stood in numerous international top clubs in the notebook, Bremen’s sports chief Frank Baumann was quoted at the time. Chlamydia can master the adaptation towards professional football quickly. The player himself, who moved in 2014 from VFL Oldenburg to the Bremen performance center, expressed great respect for the jump in the professional squad. He has succeeded at him at least for the time being.

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