Turkey How Trabzonspor annoys the Istanbul big clubs

The Trayvon Career Soccer Take Sport (in Spanish: Expert Soccer Sports Team of Trebisonda), just referred to as Trabzonspor, is a Turkey football club that plays in Turkey’s superior. It has its headquarters in the city of Trebisonda, located on the shore of the Black Sea.
The Trabzonspor was founded in 1967, after the merging of two regional clubs. Several of the players of these groups belonged to the recently established group to obtain the promo to the top department in 1974, to never ever leave it.
Along with the three popular Istanbul clubs recognized how the Big Three (Galatasaray SK, Fenerbahçe SK, Besides JK) plus Başakşehir and Bursar, Trabzonspor is component of the only clubs to have actually won the Turkish League title, occupying for very own values An area between the most important football groups in Turkey. Trabzonsby labels are board-mavililer ( embroidered-celesties, the shades of your uniform) as well as gardenia fittings ( tornado of the Black Sea ).

Just 15 out of 38 league games are completed in Turkey, but already crystallizes a clear championship favorite. And that does not come from Istanbul exceptionally. Since 1985, Master has not been the only one from the most populous city in Turkey. As Bursar broke the oppressive dominance of the Istanbul clubs, Schalke and Bremen landed in the Bundesliga behind Master Bayern Munich — and Bertha BSC rose with only 24 points as a table. Since the described season 2009/10 Galatasaray stood five times, Besides three times, Fenerbahçe twice and basaksehir once at the top.

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But there was also a time of upgrade. And that is closely linked to Trabzonspor. Today’s leader in 1976 was the first master of the Super introduced in 1959, who did not come from Istanbul. Until 1984, the generally popular club from the Black Sea won five more times the most important national title.

Memories of Yazidi

Remnants from this time is the iconic slide hat from Success Trainer Ahmet South Yazidi, which is still cultivated by fans today. Also, Abdullah ACI, since November 2020 in Trayvon on the sideline, has already served this cult. Whether his past as a player from the RIVAL IGESPAR also located on the Black Sea, ACI was still critical at the beginning. Since the beginning of March, TRABZONSPOR is now without defeat — and ACI has long been darling. With the 2-0 against Adana Demister, the 58-year-old even last weekend even the long performance series of Senor Guns Middle of the nineties, when Trabzonspor lost again after 26 unbeaten league games for the first time again.

Trabzonspor is 97 percent master.

Rid van Dolmen

The first Turkish championship since 1984 seems to be close to the gripping. Trabzonspor is 97 percent master, recently predicted the former Turkish international and today’s TV expert Rid van Dolmen. ACI would probably taste the title especially sweet: from 2014 to 2019 he reached for the championship with basaksehir, twice only second. Successor Okay Uruk led the Erdoğan Club with the special Ü-30 note directly in his first year to the title. About ACI broke in John and Mocking, the sporty answer should follow no later than next May.

Trabzonspor is not for spectacles

After 15 match days, the lead on Fenerbahçe is twelve points, on Basaksehir 14 points, on Galatasaray 16 points and on defending champion Besides even 18 points. First pursuer is Konyaspor, which as Fewer already disconnect twelve meters of Trabzonspor. For comparison: in the preseason ACI’s team after 15 league rates at just 20 points, now it’s impressive 19 more.

Trabzonspor presents the best attack of the league (31 goals), the best defense of the league (11 goals) and is still without defeat in contrast to the 98 teams of the five European to plies. Since the Purpose 5: 1 for the start of the season at Yen Malatyaspor won Trabzonspor in the league only once again with more than two goals. But AVIS team is not for spectacles. Discipline and efficiency characterize the Turkish leader.

One who is exemplary for this, after his arrival in summer quickly became the favorite of the masses: Marek Hamlin. In the autumn of his career, the Slovak in the port city cleared out something like a little hype again, the iconic Irozanschnitt wore no longer only the midfield driver on the Black Sea. Hamlin, last weekend of scorer to the decisive 2: 0, keeps the clock stitch firmly in hand, the artistic note brings Anastasios Backseats. The 28-year-old Greek is with seven hits of twelve play (three assists) at the same time also successful scorer in the squad. I’m looking forward to the support, and it’s nice that we are up at the top. But the real difficulty is to stay up, Hamlin said in mid-November. This difficulty seems to be able to master Trayvon.

The squad of Trabzonspor at a glance

Also, because the multicultural-occupied offensive — from Valverde to Guinea to Denmark — hard to count on the door yield is well distributed. Hamlin and the now 34-year-old Serving are the only big names. The ex-Mainz Runs Mall takes only a small role (two short Joker inserts).

The actual work starts only after the championship

But Club Boss Ahmet Google remained much else because of the desolate financial position in the recent past, there was much else than become creative in the cadre composition. And the right mix seems to have been found at the latest last summer. The Association of Turkish Sports Journalists he said in an interview end of November: If we win the championship, I will think about how the championship premiums will be paid, with which squad I will compete in the next season in the Champions League and like this squad is financed. The actual work begins only after the championship. About the Favorites Status, you are in TRAYVON mentally beyond.

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