Call of the Sea celebrates her birthday with a limited pack

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Call of the Sea - 100% Walkthrough - Chapter 6 - All Achievements, Puzzle Solutions, & Collectibles

Call of the Sea will release a limited and special physical edition of the game in 2022. This will not come out, surprisingly, only for the PlayStation 5. This limited version will be called Journey Edition and will come out with the other, less limited, but always, a SPECIAL EDITION OF THE GAME FOR PlayStation 4 AND PlayStation 5, CALL NORAH JOURNAL EDITION.

Meriden Games will only come out a thousand copies, all over Europe. We do not know yet if this will also be available for sale in North America or elsewhere. This may be due to the fact that Call of the Sea was created by Out of the Blue and published by Raw Fury, both located in Europe. Both are pretty independent with regard to the game industry, making it a pleasant surprise that they can release an edition as special, even in limited numbers.

And it’s pretty special. The pack will contain not only the contents of the Norah’s Diary Edition of the game, but also a ton of goodies. They will have colorful vinyl from the original band collector, a rigid cover art book containing drawings, illustrations, and images, and three lithographs with original illustrations. All this is contained in a Call of the Sea brand box, which looks like a smaller copy of Norah’s luggage.

There are still no prices set on the limited series of the Call of the Sea edition: Journey, but you can bet that it will be quite expensive. It can be easier and more accessible for those who want a special edition to enter the Norah’s diary edition of the game. This one may not have the original band on vinyl, but it will have a special premium case, a Conceptual Art Book, two photographs, a trip and an art poster.

Of course, it is possible to enjoy Call of the Sea without special editions, limited or not. But it’s something to consider if you are an unconditional fan of this magnificently disturbing game of the 1930s.

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