Formula 1 Race in Saudi Arabia now in the live ticker

The Saudi Arabia Grand Prix will certainly be a scoring rate motorsport race for the Formula 1 Globe Championship from 2021.

Today the pilots of Formula 1 in Saudi Arabia lawn. Here is the whole race in the live ticker.

The Top 5 at a Glance

Place | Driver | team

1. | Lewis Hamilton | Mercedes
2. | Latter Boats | Mercedes
3. | Max stopped | Red Bull
4. | Charles Leclerc | Ferrari
5. | Sergio Perez | Red Bull

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Formula 1 races in Saudi Arabia NOW LIVE Scores

overtaking Carlos Saint: Carlos Saint overtakes Fernando Alonso at the start-finish line. The Ferrari is grazing here a little through the peloton and is already on the eleventh place. Norris is also drawn past Gaily front of them.

Schumacher before Latin: At the back of the field, Schumacher holds the way before Latin 18th ranked almost two seconds, it is prior to the Williams.

New best lap of Lewis Hamilton: Lewis Hamilton sets a new fastest lap and thus extend their lead. He is just over one and a half seconds before the moment Boats, which in turn holds a similar lead over Verstappen.

overtaking Carlos Saint: The Ferrari is the first thing that you can overtake in Jeddah. With DRS he grabs Yuri Sunday down the stretch.

But no penalty: The scene to stroll and Russell draws but no consequences.

Something abbreviated When overtaking is Stroll has placed next to Russell and then simply abbreviated in a curve by being straight on down. The race management looks at the scene again. Probably the Canadians must submit his 16th place again.

Use with caution through the city: training and qualifying their impressions have left. The pilots act carefully, for they know how quickly can pass it here. In particular Verstappen will want to prevent failure at all costs here.

Easy problems for Sunday: Really striking at the start was practically only Sunday, the four places has fallen. In addition, had the Aston Martins a good start, as they are moved up to P15 and P16.

Formula 1 races in Saudi Arabia NOW LIVE Scores — race start

The lights hit green, the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia begins Hamilton remains in the first corner at the top, followed by Gotta and Verstappen. No surprises at the start, because Leclerc remains before Pérez. The top 5 are completely unchanged.

Formula 1 races in Saudi Arabia NOW LIVE Scores — Before the start

Before the start: The pilots roll over the asphalt, their tires warm up and position themselves equal to their starting positions. Due to the sprint qualifying free tire choice today prevails. The preferred tires are the yellow, medium mixtures. Only Land Norris starts with the red tires, three riders start on hard tires. It does not take long before the wild ride begins!

Before the start: In the desert country prevail very good conditions. Almost 30 degrees Celsius are displayed while the sun has passed in the night. Rain is not expected today in Jeddah.

Before the start: On the street circuit in Jeddah, the pilots plenty of speed and good grip happy. Previous projections suggest that it is to Monza the fastest track. However, the pace brings on the twisty street circuit some dangers. Leclerc crashed in the 2nd Training, Saint turned and escaped only Barchart greater damage and ultimately Verstappen kissed already the wall. So here goes with a lot of action.

Before the start: Far behind Sebastian Vettel and Mick must be classified Schumacher. The four-time world champion suffered from the problems of Aston Martins, which also fought Lance Stroll. The two drivers in the characteristic green landed in 17th and 18th Directly behind Mick Schumacher assigns one which, although Nikita Maze pin behind him, but not activated his DRS and therefore are left a few tenths.

Before the start: Just behind Verstappen his team-mate Sergio Perez starts. Between the Red Bulls, Charles Leclerc has squeezed. The two follow Pierre Gaily Land Norris and Yuri Sunday, bringing AlphaTauri pleased with a good qualifying. Esteban Icon and a strong Antonio Giovinazzi complete the first ten grid positions.

Before the start: Thoughts on the F1 paddock are current course still with Theo Pour Charge. The young Frenchman crashed in F2 race last few weeks difficult and had to be flown to the hospital. About the safety of this route has already been discussed several times. So it could us before are a dangerous and exciting F1 race.

Before starting: Just in a row, the team colleagues from Haas also start. This is not good at Mick Schumacher and Nikita Maze pin, the duo starts from the last two places. For Schumacher, however, it is only the debut season, his team boss dares him very much in the future — even a world championship title.

Before starting: Lewis Hamilton has shortened the residue to the two past races and has the best starting position again today, it starts from the pole position. Between him and stages on the third starting place is also Hamilton’s team colleague of Mercedes, Latter Boats.

Before starting: Welcome to the Live ticker of the race in Saudi Arabia! From 18.30 clock the race cars should shoot around the curves of Jeddah Street Circuit.

????F1 LIVE - Saudi Arabia RACE (Race Started) - Commentary + Live Timing
Formula 1: Race in Saudi Arabia today on TV and Livestream

Good news for all Formula 1 fans in Germany! RTL shows the big prize of Saudi Arabia Live and full length, so that runs for the fourth and last time this season a race of Formula 1 in Free TV!

The transfer starts at 17.15 clock with presenter Laura Paperback and Expert Alexander Were, punctually to the race come the commentators Halo Passer and Christian Manner then. RTL also transmits the race to RTL + in the Livestream, for which it requires a paid subscription or the free propionate.

Like the whole season, however, you will find the race at SKY on SKY Sport F1, commentator Sasha Room will be supported from 5 pm from the experts Ralf Schumacher and Time Glock. You can also receive the transfer as a livestream with the Sky Go App or the Sky Ticket.

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Formula 1: World Cup stand in the driver’s ranking — Top 10

Po’s. | Driver | Pkt.

1. | Max stopped | 351,5
2. | Lewis Hamilton | 343.5
3rd | Latter Boats | 203
4. | Sergio Perez | 190
5. | Land Norris | 153
6. | Charles Leclerc | 152
7. | Carlos Saint | 145,5
8. | Daniel Riccardo | 105
9. | Pierre Gaily | 92
10. | Fernando Alonso | 77

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