Only 4 99 euros a month Handy tariff with flatrate and 5 GB now at sim de

At SIM.DE there is currently a particularly favorable LTE tariff with telephony and SMS flatmate together with 5 GB data volume at the best price.

Now right to the offer at SIM.DE

So good is the price: SIM.DE offers the tariff as part of the current action with 5 instead of 4 GB of data volume until 7 December at 11 o’clock for only 4.99 euros per month instead of 9.99 euros.

According to price comparison sites, this is the currently the cheapest monthly basic price on the included conditions under comparable rates, otherwise starting up from 5.55 euros per month.

This offers the tariff: In addition to 5 GB LTE data volume for up to 50 Mbps in the Telefonica network, there is an All net telephony and SMS flatmate for unlimited use plus EU roaming.

On top of that, if necessary, there is a simple call number portfolio with reimbursement and no long contract period of 24 months, can also change the one-time payment of 19.99 euros providing a month, which otherwise is eliminated.

Meanwhile, the default automatic data control is disabled after the beginning of the contract to avoid unnecessary additional costs when passing the data volume.

Even more choice: In addition, there are also more tariffs with more data volumes currently being reduced, which can also be found on the offer page. Optionally, there are also smartphones.

???? Die BESTEN Handyverträge seit langem - inkl. unlimitiertem Tarif!

Now to the offer at SIM.DE

Behind stands with the 1 & 1 belonging to Drillisch Online GmbH also a renowned provider, where you do not have to worry about trustworthiness.

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