Nexon PC Shooting Game Project D Alpha Test Injection

Spoiled King: A League of Legends Story is an imperial excursion computer game edited by Riot Games as well as developed by Aircraft Distribute, located worldwide of Organization of Legends. It appeared in November 2021 on Windows, Nintendo Switch Over, PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One.

[Data provided: Nixon]

Testing Testing to 5 to 5,

Provide gaming notebooks such as gaming notebooks through lottery during the test period event participant

The Legends’ League ‘Pd Cup’ held · · · Shooting Game Creator Participation

Nexon Showcase: Project Magnum Teases Some Hectic Third Person Shooter Gameplay
Nixon conducts an alpha test of PC shooting game developed by subsidiary Nixon until 15th from today (2 days).

Nixon supports a companion app that helps the game play of the through Google Play and Apple App Store. The user selected as an alpha tester downloads the companion app to obtain four tester invitation codes. The influx League ‘Pradeep’ viewer provides additional tester code to the Drops Event.

Proceed with three types of events to match the alpha test. First, the team will be able to team up to five from the second to 15th, and the Alpha EX Suit set and the B set are paid in real time, depending on the number of cumulative times (20 · 40 times) participating in the game, Each time you achieve, it provides the corresponding character-only skins.

We present gaming notebooks through the lottery of the user who got the chute item and the character dedicated to the character. It also provides Nixon Cache through the lottery of the alpha test questionnaire participant.

Nixon is also held at 4th and 5th, and 7 pms event League ‘Pd Cup’. BJ Fragrance, BJ Black walk, BJ ESCA, Run Lot, etc. Shooting game professional creator is a team leader, leading four teams and leads four teams to the event league. Africa TV Official channel and team leader can watch the league through the channel.

Meanwhile, the is a three-person shooting game that combines 8 personnel in a combat environment, which combines 8 personnel in a combat environment. Strategic playlectrics such as unique skills and realistic combat actions that purchase a variety of variables in the store, It is characterized by enhancing.

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