Formel 1 Qualifying in Saudi

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix is an automotive competitor for the Globe Championship of Solution 1 considering that 2021 and also placed on the urban circuit of Jeddah. This will be the 2nd biggest urban Grand Prix in the history of Formula 1 to occur in nocturnal, after that of Singapore.

Today in Jeddah qualifying rises to identify tomorrow’s starting grid. Here you can the Formula 1 spectacle at the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia live right.

Formula 1 qualifying in Saudi Arabia — as in Q3

Place | driver | Team
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Formula 1 qualifying in Saudi Arabia Now Live Scores

New best time of Lewis Hamilton in Q3: Lewis Hamilton marks a new best time in Q1

New best time of Latter Boats in Q3: Latter Boats marks a new best time in Q1. It is the first time round, Yuri Sunday yet Charles Leclerc can go with either.

Hamilton leaves the track: The Brit goes too far out on a curb and then lost for a moment the rear axle. Quick as a flash he corrected the error and keeps his car on the course!

Red Bull waiting outside: Only five riders venture out at the beginning of the track in Jeddah. Wait outside the Red Bulls.

Q3 started: Top 10 arguing about the best times! If you drive to the Pole?

Formula 1 qualifying in Saudi Arabia Now Live Scores — beginning Q3

Almost the crash: In a repetition becomes clear why Raikkonen has retired. On a fast lap Boats has no idea that the Finnish compatriot comes from behind and leaves the center. Raikkonen races ultra tight between the wall and Boats over and touches the Silver Arrow even. That could attract even a penalty for Boats to be!

Q2 completed: With the last round Hamilton is still at the top and guides the driver’s field in Q2 with over two tenths. But more important the rear seats. Daniel Riccardo, Mimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso, George Russell and Carlos Saint will be eliminated.

Formula 1 qualifying in Saudi Arabia Now Live Scores — end of Q2

Again problems for Saint: On the last pass, it throws Saint again in the same place almost off the track and breaks the round immediately. For him, it remains at P15.

Red tires for Verstappen The Dutchman dares again out of the box, warmed up to the red tires. With a view to the upcoming Q3 a promising strategy.

No serious times: At the back are Carlos Saint and Fernando Alonso. The two Spaniards could not put any serious times and the Ferrari, but the rear wing was not replaced. Daniel Riccardo, Mimi Raikkonen and George Russell are also located on the dangerous places eleven to thirteen.

Only second place: Some teams bring in their drivers, while Hamilton would again go to the limit. Nevertheless, it is enough for him only for second place. Verstappen the buzz from the box can watch.

Saint touches along the wall: Unbelievable just it goes out for Carlos Saint, who loses control of his vehicle and transverse sliding across the track. Somehow, he remains on the track and falls only by centimeters with the tail on the wall!

Good round of Perez: Perez enjoys felt the only driver a free ride and set the second-fastest time of the session. 0222 seconds are missing on his team-mate Verstappen.

Mercedes lags behind: Still can not reply to the Silver Arrows. Hamilton gets into traffic and correct must be something, which is why he ardent over seven tenths adrift of fourth place. Boats takes him from half a second, but that is only third.

New best time of Max Verstappen in Q2: The Dutchman would not appear to be dependent on the traffic happiness again and drives an impeccable 1: 17,953. This could already be enough for Q3.

Many yellow tires: Almost all drivers choose the yellow tires for Q2. Only George Russel shows the red tires, but showed no great advantage over the intermediate mixture into the training.

Q2 started: It goes on in Jeddah, while some radio messages from the Q1 drifting. Saint complains about Gaily who has blocked it, so the Frenchman threatened with punishment. Furthermore, admits Schumacher that he has forgotten that activate DRS. This is obviously bitter for the young pilots.

Formula 1 qualifying in Saudi Arabia Now Live Scores — beginning Q2

Pérez front, Vettel out: Somewhat surprisingly Pérez drove the fastest lap in Q1, ahead of the outgoing Latter Boats and Daniel Riccardo. Both Hamilton and Verstappen had to stop their rounds or have been content with their tenses. Rear flies Vettel with a disappointing 17th place along with teammate Lance Stroll out. Similarly, Nicholas Latin, Mick Schumacher and Nikita Maze pin goodbye.

task of Latter Boats: When Finns, the engine was replaced before qualifying, now he has misfired and park the cars in the pit lane. It must have been for Boats.

Q1 completed: Q1 is finished

Qualifying Highlights | 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix
Formula 1 qualifying in Saudi Arabia Now Live Scores — end of Q1

Renewed jam: Before the last corner there is renewed stagnation, while Verstappen allegedly driving a new personal best. Before the last curves of the Dutchman has to brake hard, which is highly dangerous!

Vettel perhaps out: Nearly two minutes remaining drives Vettel only marginally faster than before and remains 17 behind Lance Stroll.

Hamilton goes out again: yet three and a half minutes on the clock and Hamilton relies on rank four lying again his box.

New best time of Latter Boats in Q1: Verstappen pulls for a brief moment all over, but is immediately dismissed from Boats. The tires reach their top speed and thus the Finn more runs than two tenths faster than Verstappen.

Vettel does not take into it: the qualifying seems to fit the final practice for the German. So far, he is the 16th to the bottom line and would miss the Q2.

New personal best of Carlos Saint in Q1: Suddenly immersed Carlos Saint at the top on leaves in the last corner, the ideal line to drive as little track and takes Hamilton thus 0.136 seconds off.

AlphaTauri forefront again: As in the training sessions the AlphaTauri blithely take for the top places. Behind Hamilton and Verstappen they merge onto rank third and fourth.

New best time of Lewis Hamilton in Q1: A very strong first sector leads Lewis Hamilton for the moment at the top of qualifying. Two tenths he takes Verstappen at this track and holds the time until the end of the round. He arranges itself at 1: 28,466 one.

Error Hamilton: In the first sector it attracts Hamilton off the track, which is why his first round must interrupt. At the same time he uses the round, to overtake the traffic in front of him before he comes back on the gas.

New best time of Max Verstappen in Q1: Max Verstappen marks a new best time in Q1. Less than half seconds takes the Dutchman from his first time Land Norris, who is currently in second place.

Formerly jam: Already, the vehicles stowed in the last corner. The first times are still set and outdo each other in all regularity.

Start Qualifying: The lights are on green, the start of the qualifying session in Jeddah has been made…

Formula 1 qualifying in Saudi Arabia Now Live Scores — beginning Q1

Before the start: How had Charles Leclerc can be in Jeddah quickly notice to painful way. At the end of the second session of the Ferrari driver crashed after a fault in the wall of the narrow street circuit. While the driver therefore always appreciate speed and grip the track, the risk continues to oscillate with.

Before the start: Two scenes stewards have looked at and have come to the conclusion that the Briton gets no penalty. On the steering wheel to the world champion was no double flag displayed and the panel besides the road lit only for a moment, so Hamilton could not react in time. That is the decision of the officials.

Before the start: For the first time holds the Formula 1 in Jeddah. In the capital of the desert state, the Saudi Arabian pottered up just before the first practice session on street circuit, which is expected to much speed. Despite 27 curves, the second-highest average speed after Monza should be moved out here. The driver of 6.174 km argue today for pole position.

Before the start: Lewis Hamilton had to go to the stewards because he was unlucky in two scenes after the third training. First he blocked unknowingly Nikita Maze pin who could escape only just in the narrow curves. Shortly thereafter, he seemed to ignore a double yellow flag, but is there not imagery and even some rival team bosses are unsure what the Brit now justify needs.

Before the start: During the first training was even quite promising, Sebastian Vettel slipped in Aston Martin back a long way. Last night it was enough only for 16th place, this afternoon he placed 17th after. The times are not correct and in need of better, it should be enough for Q2. At the end of the field Schumacher drives federal only against Nikita Maze pin and takes him to date the crucial tenths off.

Before starting: Alphatauri so far shows an extremely strong race weekend and kept strong towards top 3. Pierre Gaily once again drove to third place and secured fourth place twice. In the afternoon, Yuri Sunday finally joined and stayed behind as third parties.

Before starting: After a strong Saturday of the Silver Arrows and two best times of Lewis Hamilton, the leader of the driver’s score returns. 0.2 seconds took Max stopping his biggest competitor in the fight for rank one down, while TeamKollege Sergio Pérez secured third place. However, it is still unclear how much Mercedes has shown in third training. Latter Boats ran only the six-speed time.

Before starting: The fight for the World Cup will go to the next round tomorrow. Before that, however, qualifying has to be completed today to determine the startup for the race. The projection of Max stopped melts from Grand Prix to Grand Prix. Nevertheless, the Dutch can still play at least theoretical his first world championship. However, pursuer Lewis Hamilton will give everything to prevent this.

Before starting: The session at Jeddah Street Circuit in the measuring town of Jidda starts at 18 o’clock.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to qualifying at the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia.

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Formula 1: Qualifying in Saudi Arabia today on TV and Livestream

Sky transmits the qualifying live and full length from 5.30 pm on the transmitter SKY Sport F1 (HD). Commentator Sasha Room is accompanied by the experts Ralf Schumacher and Time Glock during the program.

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Formula 1: The current World Cup stand

Po’s. | Driver | Pkt.

1. | Max stopped | 351,5
2. | Lewis Hamilton | 343.5
3rd | Latter Boats | 203
4. | Sergio Perez | 190
5. | Land Norris | 153
6. | Charles Leclerc | 152
7. | Carlos Saint | 145,5
8. | Daniel Riccardo | 105
9. | Pierre Gaily | 92
10. | Fernando Alonso | 77

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