Vince Zampella becomes the new leader of Battlefield

Vince Capella, co-founder of Respawn Entertainment T, will have a much larger role within says since it will now become the head of the Battlefield franchise. This change comes after Oskar Gabrielsson, vice president and general manager of says, decided to leave the company for a new adventure. One of the things that Capella plans to do is create a connected universe of battlefield with multiple interconnected projects.

BATTLEFIELD 2042 will continue to grow and evolve as part of this new connected universe. Ripple Effect, The study behind Battlefield Portal, will now be responsible for working in a new experience within the universe of 2042. For its part, Marcus Lento, Designer HALO, it is also forming a new development team at Seattle to focus on narrative content and characters development within the universe of Battlefield. Generally speaking, both teams are working on content that will expand Battlefield 2042 But do not expect it to arrive soon. By while, you can now download the new patch that promises adjustments to a lot of things within the FPS.

Battlefield 2042 is turning into Call of Duty
The details about this new universe are still scarce, but Capella did explain a little more about it:

We have the intentions to create this Battlefield universe, one with multiple projects interconnected with the user in the center. We want to grow Battlefield and bring together players through multiple experiences and business models, including the future Battlefield Mobile that will arrive at 2022 by Alex Serbian and Industrial Toys.

In this universe, the world is interconnected with a narrative and shared characters. This universe is where we will also build our community with the power of portal and the content generated by the user who puts creativity in the hands of our players.

Out of August, Andrew Wilson, Electronic Arts CEO, said that Battlefield should be seen as a service, with the goal of launching a new game every two years. We do not know if they remain their intentions with this new universe who want to create, and only time will give us the answer.

Editor’s note: The future of Battlefield is certainly uncertain, and after the disastrous that it turned out to be the launch of 2042, sure that EA, and they are already thinking about things better. It will be interesting to know how this new interconnected universe will work, especially by the theme of the characters and the narrative, something that is not very characteristic of the saga.

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