FC Bavaria Messi s father is binding against Lewandowski Bla Bla Bla

Lionel Messi’s father has responded to the vortex for the supposedly unjustified award of the balloon d’Or to his son and indirectly stitched against loser Robert Lewandowski from FC Bayern.

Great Renamed has the balloon d’Or has always been, but rarely has the awarding of the Golden Ball but for so much swirls, as this year. The award that Lionel Messi and not Robert Lewandowski and not Robert Lewandowski the award in the jersey of FC Bayern once again focused on not a few fans and experts for great amazement and partly harsh criticism.

Honestly, after this choice, I do not understand the world anymore. With all respect for Messi and the other great, nominated players. Nobody would have been so deserved like Lewandowski, explained Germany’s record international Other Matthews.

Also, J├╝rgen Klopp, his sign team manager of the FC Liverpool and one of the most successful European coaches of the younger past, criticized it will now be difficult to get the Ballon d’Or at all for Lewandowski, if the services shown by the Poland are not in the past calendar year suffice.

FC Bayern: Subsequent balloon d’or award for Robert Lewandowski?

The Lionel Messi-Robert Lewandowski Ballon d'Or debate rages on! | ESPN FC

Jorge Messi, father of freshly baked (and now seven-fold) Balloon-d’Or winner, seem to be the discussions about his son and at least in the jersey of Paris Saint-Germain’s last not completely convincing achievements.

BLA BLA BLA… goes on, he wrote on Instagram under a picture that shows his son with the trophy. Numerous Messi fans reaffirmed their support for the 34-year-old ex-icon of the FC Barcelona in the comments to the post office.

Lionel Messi himself had honored and demanded at the Balloon-d’Or Gala on Monday in Paris Lewandowski’s services and later to send the goalkeeper of FC Bayern the honor for the year 2020 due to the Corona Pandemic.

Balloon-d’Or boss Pascal Ferry concluded such a procedure in conversation with the message portal Watson. What Messi said was nice and smart, says Ferry.

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