PS Plus These are the 3 new games in December 2021 for PS4 and PS5

The new games that the PS-Plus users will receive in December 2021 are now known. This time there are 3 games for the PS4 and the PS5.

Here are the 3 new PS plus games in December 2021 If you have an active subscription at PlayStation Plus or you want to buy one soon, then the following monthly games await you in September:

Godfall Challenger Edition (PS4, PS5)
Mortal Shell (PS4)
LEGO DC Super Villains (PS4)

Incidentally, the PS4 games can all be easily played on the backward compatibility feature of the PS5 on Songs’s latest console generation.

When and where can you download the new PS plus games? The 3 new free titles are expected to download the subscription users without further costs in the PlayStation Store for download.

So comes to the monthly games of PS Plus

You need it: The prerequisite for the monthly free games is an active membership in PlayStation Plus, so a PS plus subscription. For a 12-month subscription you usually pay €59,99, but there are also sales, where you get the subscription cheaper.

Note: The annual costs are higher with a lesser term of membership.

As a subscription user you will receive 2 selected every month 2, free games for the PlayStation 4 and a free title for the PS5. The games are then available for certain periods as a digital download in PS Store and cost (offside the regular subscription fees) Nothing extra.

Have you added these games to your library, you can play them anytime, as long as you have an active membership — even if they should expire in between. The games remain in your possession, without active membership they are not playable.

Here are more advantages of PlayStation Plus at a glance : Away from the monthly games, as a subscriber of PS plus still benefits from some additional advantages — including:

Access to the online multiplayer in many games
Exclusive discounts in the PS Store
The PlayStation Plus Collection for PS5 owners

PlayStation Plus Monthly Games - PS4 & PS5 - December 2021
Access to the Free Trials, where you can try some full-fledged games for free

How does it look like? What do you think about the new PS-Plus lineup for December 2021? Is any title that awakens to your interest or that you are particularly pleased? Or does Sony’s current games selection rather cold? Participates your opinion with us and other users of Mango in the comments.

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