Battlefield 2042 could have more destruction and scatter salt into my wound

Unbalanced specialists, manageable weapons number, Makes Gun play: That I’m not really warm with Battlefield 2042, has many reasons. But over the past few days I realized what I miss the new shooter of Dice with the most: Cool destruction effects. Do not understand me wrong, in the multiplayer battles, of course, a lot of broken, but still it feels like that if DICE did not go here the next step, which probably not only I have hoped for from this part.

It was just destroying for me always an elementary component of Battlefield games, a special feature. Here, for example, I remember the impressive evolution effects in Battlefield 4, for example when a dam or a whole skyscraper went to break. Also in Battlefield 5 I was still on what could break everything in the multiplayer matches. But in Battlefield 2042, for me, the consistent development in this area, which I had actually planned in particular before the history of the series.

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To the Battlefield Games Toby especially appreciates the Mittendrin feel. Hardly any other shooter gives him the impression of being in the middle of a battle like the Dice series. He still has this feeling in Battlefield 2042, but that can not Belize the numerous weaknesses so far.

More Krachbumm was apparently planned

But apparently Dice had planned exactly this step originally, that is now out of a post of insider Tom Henderson. According to him, Battlefield 2042 should offer exactly this next stage of destruction effects, at least he indicates in a tweet that it should be possible to destroy complete skyscrapers and larger buildings. Ultimately, however, hardware restrictions led to do not have to implement this feature.

Whether the Battlefield 2042 automatically made a better game? Probably not. Nevertheless, I am now annoying that the Next-Level destruction has made nothing to the finished game, because I would have liked to see if the matches with more broken factor have been different and maybe even more intense.

For, for example, if I have to fight through a skyscraper, knowledgeable that they theoretically can be bolted away from the butt at any time, that would probably increase the intensity for me. The justification with the hardware appears on the one hand comprehensible, but still raises whether the Next-Gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X could not have been able to do that.

Is there anything else?

Perhaps the high used factor here is a limiting factor, 128 players inside on the maps is really a house number here. But it remains the hope that Dice did not throw these destruction plans completely into the ton, but maybe sometime still brings into the game — then maybe on smaller cards with less participating.

For a Battlefield 2042 with extensive and especially spectacular next gene deaf effects would have exactly the unique selling point in my assessment in the competitive shooter environment, which is currently missing for him apart from 128 players inner matches.

What do you say? Would you also have more destruction in Battlefield 2042?

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