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This article contains spoilers for game expansion. Please be careful.

A masterpiece FPS LEFT 4 DEAD that has created a rule that has not been found in the previous FPS, such as aiming to escape from four people in a single set. And it is a sequel, and it is said that LEFT 4 DEAD 2 as a decision version was born in 2009, and more than 10 years have passed.

Under such circumstances, a new four-person unknown escape horror COOPERS released as a new work of L4D development in 2021 in 2021, Back 4 Blood is Back 4 Blood. If development is totally together, it is a difficult place to use the word mental sequel, but this time, this time with various similarities L4D2 mental sequel and gamers were watched I would like to review. In addition, please be careful when viewing because it contains spoilers such as the end of the end of the end of the text and screenshots.

L4D follower that came out in 2021

The biggest change is the atmosphere that encloses the entire game when this work is seen from the viewpoint of mental sequel. Of course, because both of them survive, this part is similar, but the L4D series can be said to be an ephemeral, such as seeking a safe place and runs away various lands, and it is correct as a zombie film An orthodox expansion is unfolded.

On the other hand, in B4B, a group of survivors who created a base are the flow of the story that resolves and around the trouble. L4D2, it was remarkable, and I entered the lives in the middle of running away, I will hold a live, and say I’m going to get a cola a little, the comical part like I’m going to take a fight The sense of Syria is strong because its father. However, on the other hand, the power of the power of the power of the tension, the power strength of Run, regain this land, and the height of the tension covers the entire story.

The height of the tension will also be connected to the deployment of the end of the end. Battle with huge radon’s parent ball also laughs, of course in good sense.

It also shows that there is a person who feels a sense of incongruity that the battle that the game genres have changed suddenly. However, defeating the cause of this turning, it is an important factor to converge the situation (once again started with DLC again) and to reach bright ending. Thinking of CO-OP, it is better to finish the game with high tension as a high tension than everyone strives for the endless ending.

By the way, the characters that appear in B4B are always alive. Each cleaner is, of course, Fort Hope, Philips, which is a doctor who has completed Ribbon’s destruction gas, and even a single person who is not introduced, and even a single person who has not been introduced, it’s all your role and work. It can be said that the part where the survivors are firmly responsible for the cooperation system are one of the reasons why the atmosphere of this work does not become too dark.

As a game systemic face, L4D is created with co-fight in various elements or more.

It is also strongly directed to struggling to struggle in special Riding. L4D special infected people will fall at the moment when the survivors get used to play, they will be shot and killed at the moment they are caught in the virology. In addition, in B4B, special redone are entirely set to high strength. Therefore, it can be said that everyone should attack at all unless the situation is uniform. For example, a special radon called Tomboy, which the right arm is enlarged is approaching while hiding the right shoulder of the weak point, and one person is targeted to defeat quickly, and the other player will be angled, It is safer to take a cooperative system that intensively attacks weaknesses.

In addition, when it is constrained by the mucus of hockey approaching while jumping with a petite physique, get an approximate to allies unless you have a unlocked ability or stun guns? It can be free to be free. Single behavior is a considerable high risk. Those who can not fight may be a strong message from the development of It may be a serious Tibia in the 2021 game, but I think that it is matched as a game.

Impact on the game play given by the card system

This work combines the card to give each cleaner and creates a deck. If you hit Run as depending on the combination of cards, the stamina will recover, and the stamina will run on the front, and you will have a lot of sni-pervuild and recovery items that you have appeared, and take a lot of snioperbrew and recovery items, and heal the hurt and healed people. It greatly spreads the width of the play. In addition, it is possible to make a 10-year evolution that is completely different from attachment, such as scopes set for weapon species and weapons and the rarity set for both.

A card with a large grenade does not have an offensive item such as a grenade, a card with a large advantage, such as the down player returned at a speed of more than twice or more than two times. Corresponding disadvantages such as. However, there is a deck that allows other players to have a grenade, etc. The meaning is born.

However, it will be OA? However, played by Wild using Quick play. Of course, prior consultation is almost, almost ready, and it does not know what kind of concept deck is used. (However, it is only possible to display a custom deck.) It is possible to name the deck, so it’s a matter of course if you add it alone. If you want to fight a lot, you can not deny one-handedness because you can only choose a deck because you’re having a good choice for the time being…. Ammunition management may be tight compared to L4D, and from the viewpoint of sparking ammunition, it was a little more like this.

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Japan Version Back 4 Blood, Important Must Juggled

Currently, the Japanese version of B4B has a regulation of reproduction in several parts. Specifically, Normal Li dun no part defect Death-directed production of special rerun is mentioned. Usually, when shooting to the head of Rid urn, the head disappears to play, and the blood blur is not moved. It falls down with such behavior. There is no effect that the head disappears in the Japanese version, and the amount of blood blur and the amount of blood are somewhat remained, and it does not move.

Of course, if it is said that the Japanese version B4B is unlikely to play this expression, it is no. Rather, the production for kill is rich than the L4D series (it is natural because there is a difference in 10 years) The flashing of kills lights red · When the headshot is a headshot, a hit sound different from usual, There are many elements to make kills. However, it is not possible to make a difference with the users who are playing in the normal version.

In addition, special radon’s production is a level that can not be defended.

In no-regulatory play, if you kill the special radon of the lead, the body fluid splashes around the explosion and the corpse disappears.

And this is a view to see when I played the Japanese version. Leaker corpse does not disappear in a narrow place, and it is scratched around the door, and the destination is not visible. The player side shots with a gun and shifts the position of the corpse, etc. (possible to pass through). Well, because I remain for a long time.

Come on the expression of the expression and the story of regulatory organizations, and the Japanese version of these regulations is impaired by these regulations. This work is a highly difficult game for it. Therefore, only those who play the Japanese version, only those who play the Japanese version have further imprisoned by the above regulations. There should be a number of cases that should be a back teacher as a back of the regulation, but how is this way of regulating this as a game to be sent out in 2021 of the usual sum? At least the corpse of the leaker did not want to leave unnecessary problems, such as putting it in a short time.

And as a result of the case of the usual games, the way of the game as a management service is. Considering that point, B4B currently accumulates the user with a balanced balance for weapons and cards, and conversely, the user is compensated by the user in various parts, such as strengthening to Rid urn.

Furthermore, because there is a problem in the spawn system of the special radon, it is also true that there are many situations where the game is not really assumed, and it is also possible to get rid of it even if it is unreasonable. Such problems need to be quick to handle because the longer the user is disadvantageous. Although it has been fixed once by the update held in November, it is not completely cured, and it will continue to be corrected in the future.

First, you should make the environment that you have made this share as soon as possible, and you will be able to focus on the update where the world view and the width of the play will spread. And at that time, I would like to expect the development and the user to look at the user. The game itself is also a huge gene with a masterpiece.

Numbers: ★ ★ ☆

Good point
· A rule that becomes the basis in the first place
· There is a modern shooter know-how there
· Story in the direction of winning as a so-called zombie

Bad point
· Even if it is expressed by expression regulation, even higher difficulty levels can be rising
· There is no choice but to be complained by the current update content

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