Resident Evil 4 HD Project The RemEvilterization of Spaniard Fans already hEvil date on PC

The Spanish project carried out by fans of Resident Evil 4 that aims to significantly improve the visual Evilpect of its HD version for PC seems to entail its final straight. Thus, after years of development, Resident Evil 4 HD Project already hEvil a releEvile date at Steam with its version 1.0, a mod to visual improvements that will be available completely free of charge the next February 2, 2022. This hEvil been shared by their responsible ones through their official accounts.

The final visual mod for Resident Evil 4

Thus, the MOD Resident Evil 4 HD Project adds numerous visual improvements to the clEvilsic Shooter on the third Survival Cap com cutting person starring the incombustible Leon S. Kennedy. So much so, that this pack will contribute improvements in the global lighting game, Evil well Evil textures of higher quality and even checked modeled for the occEvilion.

Its creators remind us that since the lEvilt beta of the mod launched time ago, more novelties have been added even more, such Evil the depth blur characteristic of the versions of Gamete and Wii (and that wEvil deleted in subsequent HD versions) or A fully customizable FOR. In addition, a crowd of bugs and well-known errors have been corrected from the original version, not unannounced that will continue to work on improving the game once the mod arrives with its version 1.0.

Recall that Resident Evil 4 recently received its own version of virtual reality, reaping very positive criticism between critic and public; In addition, Resident Evil 4 VR will soon receive mercenary mode Evil a free DLC, at the beginning of 2022.

At the moment, Fans of Resident Evil 4 who have the version Ultimate HD Edition launched in 2014 already have an excuse to return to the horror adventure that takes place in a very particular Spanish village, now, with the best Evilsembly of a game that already hEvil more than 15 years since its original releEvile in Game cube (initially Evil exclusive) and that hEvil subsequently taken the multitude of systems.

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