Kojima Productions expands both in music television as well as in the direction of film a new studio established in Los Angeles

Metal Equipment (メタル ギア, Metal GIA?) Is a collection of video clip games produced by Video Kolyma, established and published by the INAMI Business, in which the gamer takes control of an elite soldier, specialist in battle techniques, survival as well as Stealth, whose name of operations is Serpent (in Spanish: serpent ). Relying on what legend game it is, this operating name is credited to different characters associated to each other by the framework of the series.

BREAKING: Kojima Will Work on Films & TV with NEW Los Angeles Division!
Steel Gear are battle automobiles with advanced robotic technology as well as a bipedal tank aspect with the ability to release nuclear weapons from any kind of land. Furthermore, it has much less effective yet better tools on the combat zone as device guns, rail cannons, laser rays, pumps and also rockets.
The collection stands apart for being a leader in the style of Stealth Gaming, in which the character initially has only basic infiltration carries out and also should via the game, be made from the needed elements to perform their objective. It additionally identifies by its lengthy cinematic scenes, its intricate frames and also the infinity of details throughout the game in which the communication with the gamer is boosted. Deepen in the expedition of all-natural policy, battle disputes, Censorship, organic battles, genetic modification, synthetic knowledge and also loyalty.
The game franchise has actually marketed 53.8 million duplicates all over the world considering that May 2018, being acclaimed by objection and obtaining countless rewards. The franchise business has actually additionally been adjusted to various other media as comics and also CD drama.

Kolyma Productions is opening to music, television programs and movies to Los Angeles.

The aim is to expand the awareness of Kolyma Productions outputs to cover the popular culture field outside the video games. The studio leads in the past as many as three decades of Sony’s payrolls on the blanks Riley Russell. Metal Gear -main Video Kolyma Love for movies is known, so a new studio’s next projects can wait at least with interest.

Kolyma Productions So far, the only published games are death Stranding and this out filled Director’s Cut version. The following project has rotated a wide range of rumors, but there is no formal information.

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