Today s Steam Hats of Iron 4 Soviet Theme popular

The Second World War Strategy Simulation ‘Hearts of Iron IV’ was released on the 24th. The DLC name is NO Step Back (No Step Back), in July 1942, the ‘Order No. 227, which is on July 1942, the’ Command No. 227 ‘and the main relief of the Soviet Union. It seems.

Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back | Pre-Order Trailer

In fact, this expansion pack is the Eastern European National Central DLC, Soviet Union. Poland, Baltic 3, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuanian NF (national focus), which was the signal of World War II’s signaling. And the spreading system such as the addition of the dissemination hub and railroad has been reorganized, and the multitasking element was further enhanced. In addition, we have been adjusted to many elements that are specialized in the ground, such as reorganization of depreciation of division width and prolonging tram design functions,

The expansion pack is ranked first in the world’s top sales around 9:30 am on the 24th, and steam evaluation ‘is also very positive (83%). Users who have made a favorable theme were assessed that they were satisfied with the Soviet theme and the existing Hearts Son 4 DLC.

In addition, there are a number of titles that are ahead of the discount. Subsequently, the release date of Forbidden West is gradually, and the Horizon Zero Complete Edition, which is regularly discounted, is the top of the FIFA 22 and Stella is Expansion Pack ‘Aquatic Speakers’. I have occupied.

Hats of Iron 4, the top simultaneous connection TOP 20, the top 20. Only 68,019 concurrent users were recorded for the top simultaneous number of times. Don stave Together, who had revealed the lowest ranking of ranking, was pushed out 20th despite the 66% discount.

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