Resident Evil Welcome to Raccon City already has qualifications from critics

After a full year of rumors, leaks and others Resident Evil: Raccoon City Welcome to finally reached theaters worldwide. This film reboot the popular franchise Cap com was already projected to different specialized media, so criticism and gave its final verdict on this new proposal.

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Resident Evil: Raccoon City Welcome to the reviews already has enough managers to have an official score on sites like Metacritic Tomato and, without further ado, here you can see how it was in these two portals.

While in Tomato is a rotten rating of 50% on Metacritic has a total score of 44. Most critics praised the accurate and faithful is the film about the original material, however, agree that the third act of the film feels rushed. It is worth noting that the film lasts 107 minutes, so it’s not as long as some others.

In case you missed it, here you can have a look at his latest trailer.

Note from the editor: The truth is that I was initially excited about the film itself, but their trailers and images gave me very uneasy. It seems not as bad as many expected, but definitely not the masterpiece that some believed it would be.

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