Black Friday in PS Store Currently you get 12 months PS plus as cheap as never

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Do not you have a PlayStation Plus or your subscription just expired? Or do you just want to extend cheap? Then its definitely looking past the PlayStation Store. There you currently get 33% discount on one year PS plus. An annual membership costs so currently €39.99.

Annual subscription for PS plus cheap take: Whether now expired subscription or just only to PS plus interested — PS4 players now have the opportunity to secure 1 year PlayStation Plus with 33% discount. But the action is not running long, but only until the end of November. You only have a few days to benefit from this offer.

33% discount on 1 year PS plus

What includes the offer? The deal offers a 12-month membership at Songs paid subscription service PlayStation Plus for €39.99.

PS STORE BLACK FRIDAY 2021 DEALS - Official Deals Announcement
Thus, it saves 33% compared to the regular price in the PlayStation Store. Because usually cost there 12 months PS plus €59.99.

When does the offer end? The offer goes until 12:00 on 29 November 2021. So you have about 10 days to view the offer. Click here to go to the DEAL in the PS Store:

1 year PS plus — €39,99

You should not pay attention: The year subscription is here for a reduced price, but you should not cancel it before the expiration of the 12 months, then the subscription will automatically be extended after a year — the regular price of 59, €99. But that just happens if you have not deactivated the automatic extension.

If you want to avoid that, it is essential to pay attention to the membership in good time or to switch off the automatic extension in the subscription settings.

Why should you subscribe PS plus?

You get as a member: PlayStation Plus is a paid additional service of Sony Interactive Entertainment (you). As a subscriber you get the following other advantages away from the general access to the online multiplayer feature in many games:

At least 2 free games for the PS4 per month. These games can be played without restrictions as long as you have an active subscription
Exclusive discounts in the PS Store. So you can also save up to 10% or more at numerous great sales
Exclusive In game content such as special skins or special weapons packages
Free trials that can test your specific games for free

Have you added these games to your library, you can play them anytime, as long as you have an active membership — even if they should run in between. The games remain in your possession. Everything you need to know about PS plus can be found in the following article:

PS Plus offers additional benefits for PS5 owners

Anyone who buys a PS5 and simultaneously subscribe to PlayStation Plus, which can access one of the PS Plus Collection for the release of Sonys Next-Gen console. This is a collection of 20 top titles, which are published in the PS4 era. These include Blood borne, Persona 5 or Ratchet & Clank, if you have not yet gamed the first part.

All 20 titles that are included in the PS5 Collection and which you can play with subscription on the PS5 can be found in our clear list.

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| PlayStation Plus Membership | 12 months | German account | PS5 / PS4 Download Code | 55,920 reviews | 59,99 EUR 39,99 EUR | To Amazon

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Which games are there for free in November? And if you are extending now, brings you a new subscription or already a member of PS plus, then currently gets three additional games, as PlayStation VR is currently celebrating a great anniversary. Which games you get next to Knockout City, you can read in the following article.

PS plus: These are the 6 new games in November 2021 for PS4 and PS5

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