Formula 1 Qualifying in Qatar now in the live ticker

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In Formula 1, qualifying at the Grand Prix of Qatar is being denied today. The Session Ticket Spot for you live with.

Formula 1: Qualifying in Qatar — the current state

Place | driver

11 | Sergio Perez
12 | Lance Stroll
13 | Charles Leclerc
14 | Daniel Riccardo
15 | George Russell
16 | Mimi Raikkonen
17 | Nicholas Latin
18 | Antonio Giovinazzi
19 | Mick Schumacher
20 | Nikita main

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Formula 1: Qualifying in Qatar now in the live ticker

Q2 ends

Q2 is finished and that with a bang! Sergio Pérez actually misses the top ten as eleventh. Also, with regard to the World Cup fight, this is a true disadvantage against Mercedes. Also, Lance Stroll, Charles Leclerc, Daniel Riccardo and George Russell are excreted. The best time was Lewis Hamilton before Pierre Gaily and Fernando Alonso.

Vettel improves

The other two sectors fit for Vettel, and he can still improve in place. Is that enough for that?

Vettel under pressure

Sebastian Vettel is now under pressure. In the first sector he has not been able to increase, and it goes back to ten.

Staten is waiting for a long time

Max stapling is waiting for a long time and moves as the last driver on the soft back on the track. Almost all are now on the soft mix. Medium driving Boats and Saint.

Now it will be full again

Now it will be full again, and gradually the vehicles go back to the track. Time is urgently needed Sergio Pérez, which is currently twelfth. He now has to hope that there is no too big chaos on the Outlaw.

It will be quiet

After the first runs it has become quiet on the track. Only George Russell is currently on the road and drives his second Run. The Brit is with his Williams 13.

Vettel currently REINTER

Sebastian Vettel lies after its first fast round in Q2 on the ninth place. Team College Lance Stroll is currently tenth. Both McLaren would be precipitated.

Gaily new second

Pierre Gaily settles in front of Max with the soft tire mixture and is the new second in the intermediate rating.

F1 2021 Qatar Grand Prix Live Qualifying Watchalong | Quali

New best time of Lewis Hamilton in Q2

Lewis Hamiltons skin the 1: 21,682 out and thus leads once with 0.3 second lead to max. Latter Boats does not come to the teammate.

New best time from Carlos Saint in Q2

Meanwhile, there are the first former times in Q2. From Carlos Saint a 1: 22.241 is offered. But that should probably fall again soon, Hamilton is in the last sector.

Vettel with the soft

Sebastian Vettel has also started his Q2. In the first run he is on the soft.

The medium is popular

After all the soft drove, the medium is now very high in the course. Eleven drivers are already on the way, of which are eight on the medium. The Alphatauri pilots and Russell first drive the soft.

Q2 started

Continue with Q2. This time, the drivers have 15 minutes to secure a place in Q3.

Formula 1: Qualifying in Qatar now in Live ticker — Start Q2

Much tumult in the last shot

The repetitions show that it came at the end of Q1 due to traffic to all sorts of unrest. Vettel overtook gaily at the box exit, while Norris would almost collide with Alonso on the track. He is not allowed, Gaily scolds over Vettel at the radio.

Q1 ends

Q1 is over, and the drivers come back to their boxes. Among the excreted there are no surprises: Out of Mimi Raikkonen, Nicholas Latin, Antonio Giovinazzi, Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazzini.

New best of Lewis Hamilton in Q1

Lewis Hamilton improves again and now takes over 1: 21,901 minutes the top in the classification.

Staualarm on the Outlaw

On the outlaw, there is powerful jam between the curves 15 and 16 has formed a proper snake in which everyone tries to find the best position. Very a lot of traffic, Hamilton, who places it in the middle of it.

Red Bull stays in the box

While the majority of the field goes into a second run, Red Bull in Q1 already makes work time and looks at the final minutes on the monitors.

LECLERC in distress

Charles Leclerc is slowly in distress, which is concerned with Q2. The middle of the Mongols will be painted his lap after being driving out too far into curve 16. Only 16th place is currently available. Returns are currently strolled, Raikkonen, Giovinazzi, Schumacher and main.

New best time of max stages in Q1

Max stages show that you should not copy Red Bull in the fight for the poles yet. The Dutchman places once again and is now just past Latter Boats.

Boxing radio Esteban Icon

At Esteban Icon there are smaller technical problems. My whole car vibrates when braking, Icon is working on his box. We have already recognized the problem, explains the crew to the French. Currently, Icon is tenth.

New best of Latter Boats in Q1

Latter Boats marks a new best time in Q1 and pushes ahead with just 0.003 seconds ahead of Lewis Hamilton. Staten are missing 0.2 seconds.

Alonso sits on the three

Alpine does not seem to have built in 3. Training. The qualifying also starts with ordinary times. Fernando Alonso is just moving to the third position behind Max.

Vettel in place nine

At Sebastian Vettel, first, the ninth place is coming from Daniel Riccardo in the second McLaren. Mick Schumacher is the last, after his lap time was deleted because of crossing the track limits.

Boats clearly bottled

Latter Boats is clearly dropped. The Finn lies a whopping 0.9 seconds behind his teammate. After a weak 3rd training, Land Norris is third.

New best of Lewis Hamilton in Q1

Lewis Hamilton marks the new best time in Q1. A 1: 22.019 burns the Write in the asphalt. What jumps for max stages out? A 1: 22.234. 0.2 seconds missing him to Hamilton.

Red Bull and Mercedes on the road

Red Bull and Mercedes have also sent their two drivers to the route. For everyone, its just on the first flying round.

The first lap times are set

There are now the first serious lap time. It leads Carlos Saint with a 1: 23.323. Team College Leclerc arranges just behind. Vettel follows three, behind then Gaily with the medium.

The pitch starters continues

Nikita Maze pin continues the crash starters. The Russian is traveling with a broken front wing, which slows over the track.

Gaily on medium

At Pierre Gaily, the medium was first raised to the prelude of qualifying. After the good performances at the previous weekend, the quite enough to reach in Q2.

Boxing Nikita Maze pin

Thank you for your hard work, Nikita main thanks about radio. His crew had to do properly in the last two days. First the chassis had to be exchanged, in the third training then the drive unit made difficulties.

Also Vettel on the move

Also, Sebastian Vettel is not waiting for long and is already on the way. How everyone else is he on the soft.

Start Qualifying

The traffic lights are on green, the start of qualifying in Doha is done. Mick Schumacher and Nikita Maze pin go to the route as the first driver.

Formula 1: Qualifying in Qatar now in the live ticker — start

Before starting: The Los ail International Circuit is located outside Qatars capital Doha and was created for the MotoGP in 2004. The route is still an unknown for almost all Formula 1 pilots, because even young races were hardly held here. Only Nikita Mae pin and Sergio Pérez have already driven here. This season makes the formula 1 for the first time stopping on the track. From 2023, the course with 5.38 kilometers in length should then become an integral part of the calendar. Extra for Formula 1 must be rebuilt in the last few months still the box entry and also a few margins were increased.

Before starting: After Sebastian Vettel could mix on Friday still in the top ten, in the 3rd training no longer twelve was possible. Mick Schumacher had to satisfy himself with position 19. Meanwhile, it remains a bitter weekend for his teammates. After he had to pause the 2nd training because he had damaged his chassis, the drive unit was struck today. When the Russian wanted to leave the pit lane, only four cylinders lit. Maze pin missed the complete session while the team went to troubleshooting.

Before starting: Mixed at the front Pierre Gaily in the Alphatauri. After recovering good results in the training yesterday, he ranked four in the last session in front of qualifying in fourth and thus in front of Sergio Pérez in the second Red Bull. Also, for his teammate Yuri Sunday, it had gone to the top ten.

Before starting: The advantage in Qatar seems to be at Mercedes again. In the final training Latter Boats prevailed against teammate Lewis Hamilton. Max stopping was about three tenths slower. The Butcher drove only a few rounds in the sum and again and again was to see how to work in the box on his rear wing. There, Red Bull has been fighting for some races with massive difficulties. On Friday, the evening session also showed that the bulls are flared with cooler conditions, temperature in the tires.

Before starting: The World Cup fight remains dramatic and although Maxs stages comes to Qatar with a small lead, Red Bull feels anything but safe. The Mercedes continues to exist in the WM-Fight, has shown the weekend in Brazil, where Lewis Hamilton did not stop by Grid punishments and reduced the residue in the World Cup. Even next to the route, the sound has become rough again, and the team bosses try everything to bring rest at the opponent.

Before starting: On the Los ail International Circuit, the fight goes to the pole position at 15 oclock.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to qualifying at the Grand Prix of Qatar.

Formula 1: Qualifying in Qatar today on TV and Livestream

SKY is the right contact for those who want to track the qualifying live. The pay-TV station offers the spectacle at 14.30 clock at SKY Sport F1 (HD). Commentator Sasha Room and Expert Ralf Schumacher accompany the messenger in front of the screens through the session.

In addition, you can look at the qualifying also in the SKY -Livestream. For this you need a SKY GO subscription, but also a SKYROCKET allows you access.

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Formula 1: The current World Cup stand

Pos. | Driver | Points

1. | Max stopped | 332,5
2. | Lewis Hamilton | 318,5
3rd | Latter Boats | 203
4. | Sergio Perez | 178
5. | Land Norris | 151
6. | Charles Leclerc | 148
7. | Carlos Saint | 139,5
8. | Daniel Riccardo | 105
9. | Pierre Gaily | 92
10. | Fernando Alonso | 62
11. | Esteban Icon | 50
12. | Sebastian Vettel | 42

  1. | Lance Stroll | 26
  2. | Yuri Sunday | 20
  3. | George Russell | 16
  4. | Mimi Raikkonen | 10
  5. | Nicholas Latin | 7
  6. | Antonio Giovinazzi | 1
  7. | Mick Schumacher | —
  8. | Robert Cubic | —
  9. | Nikita main

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