Everyone participate until the last Sora Sumabra SP Fighter 86 Tapestry reports Mr Sakurai Masaichi Akihabara and Umedas Yodobashi

Various characters representing the game industry are fighter and gathered, and the latest work Large scuffle smash brothers Special (hereinafter referred to as Sabra SP). This work release released on December 7, 2018, is a popular work that has already attracted high attention, although it has already been three years since the release.

There are multiple reasons for this long and popular, of course, but the game itself is excellent, but the character that appeared in the series of series has appeared regularly as a DLC and regularly implementing various people as DLC. A total of 86 large stressed battles boasts the largest volume of series history, and these exciting developments will also support popularity.

This Sumatra SP, including the Sumatra SP, Game Creator, who was a director of this series, has a topic of related tweets, who went on their own Twitter account.

Mr. Samurai reported Tapestry, which appears on the Sumatra SP, and it is reported with photos when Posted on Akihabara and Umeå (Multimedia AKITA / Multimedia Umeå).

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This tweet was posted after the noon of November 20 today, but it was only 1/5 and 4,000 retweeted and Like more than 1.7,000. The momentum is now expanding (as of 14:50), and the numbers appear to grow further.

There are few examples that have been a lot of time-consuming games from the launch, and there are few cases that are notified of a lot in the actual store, and they are just able to realize the height of the degree of interest directed to Sumatra SP. Also, the last Sort, who participated in the end, was implemented October 19, 2021. Therefore, the number of bullets that all 86 appears will be quite precious, and it can be considered that attention will gather.

Mr. Samurai also posted a tweet that commented If you go here, your flyer attention. In the tweet, photos were published with a flyer that seems to be the same pattern as Tapestry. The fighter team drawn like a picture scroll is just a word of a masterpiece.

If you have a tapestry, if you have a job for Yodobashi Camera, it will be unusual to check directly with that eye. Also, please take a look at Mr. Samurais tweets that are difficult to carry feet because they are away. These tweets also have many comments from overseas, and you can see that they are loved by domestic and abroad.

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