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The World Championship of Form 1, 2019 is the 70th version of the World Championship of Solution 1. The competition, birthed in 1950, passes a CAP on April 14, 2019, on the circuit of Shanghai, where is contested the thousandth Grand Prix of the History of the champion. In enhancement, from this period and according to a system active from 1950 to 1959, an added point is credited to the author of the most effective race in the race in addition to his secure, gave that he rates amongst the 10 first.
The Charlie Whiting Race Director, Central Personality of the Grand Prix of Formula 1 for even more than twenty years, passes away in Melbourne on March 14 on the eve of the initial examinations of the inaugural race of the season. Mercedes Grand Prix begins the 2019 championship by establishing a new five-duplicate document at the arrival of the initial five races. The period is likewise noted by the fatality, Might 20, the three-way world champion Niki Laura, consistent presence in the Mercedes stand since 2012, and decisive in the arrival of Lewis Hamilton as a pilot of the German steady in 2013, for To date, six successive dual lined building contractors championship/ pilot world champion given that 2014.
On October 13 at the arrival of the Japan Grand Prix, Mercedes wins its sixth successive title of the suppliers, 4 years of completion, equating to the efficiency of the Sumeria Ferrari, champ from 1999 to 2004. On November 3, in the category. 2nd behind his colleague Latter Boats of the United States Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton, writer of eleven victories in the season and also having brought his document of lead to eighty-eight heads, is sacred world champ for the 6th times as well as the 3rd successive after 2008, 2014, 2015, 2017 as well as 2018. It exceeds Juan Manuel Anglo (five titles), to a coronation of the document held by Michael Schumacher because 2004. His colleague Latter Boats is vice-champion of the world and Max. Verstappen finishes 3rd before the two Ferrari motorists, Charles Leclerc followed by Sebastian Vettel. For contractors, Ferrari takes 2nd location as well as Red Bull Racing the third; the same fierce as in 2017 and also 2018.
The period once again sees the three peak stables Trusted all victories as well as mostly all the platforms, they leave just three: two for Too Ross (Daniel Kayak third in Germany, Pierre Gaily second in Brazil) and one for McLaren (Carlos Saint Third in Brazil). Victories as well as all various other podiums are split between Hamilton (eleven victories, seventeen platforms), Latter Boats (four victories, fifteen platforms), Max Verstappen (3 victories, 9 platforms), Charles Leclerc (two wins, ten podiums), Additionally, pilot having made the highest possible variety of leads this year (7), and also Sebastian Vettel (a triumph, 9 podiums). Hamilton is the just one to score points in the twenty-one auto racing of the season, and establishes two brand-new documents: in factors (413) and also for led a minimum of one round in nineteen races this year. His secure continues his supremacy began at the start of the Hybrid Crossbreed V6 Engine Period in 2014 with this brand-new increased year, getting to a total of 102 victories, 89 of which were gotten during this period.

Bigness alone Lewis Hamilton has long stopped the goal for a long time. The free days are exactly as important as the busy, wrote the formula 1 world champion under a video at Instagram. On an electrically powered surfboard, the Mercedes superstar was looking for relaxation this week before it comes to the next exchange in the heated title duel with World Cup leader Max. Hamilton appears in front of the desert race on Sunday (15 o clock / sky) in Qatar psychologically — despite residue.

Lewis Hamilton m.o.c.k.e.d over head turning net skirt on suit 'Are his legs getting married'

The reason for this is his impressive victory last weekend in Brazil. About this race you will talk too many years, said Mercedes Motorsport Toto Wolff. The 36-year-old Hamilton stopped nothing and anyone. Not from the bonded stages, not a disqualification and a criminal offset. He picked up his 101. Grand Prix victory and closed up to 14 points to the twelve years younger stages.

What happened to the engine?

Afterwards, Mercedes placed protest against a decision of racing commissars in favor of stages. How or whether the incident is further demonstrated by a hard racing maneuver, a hearing of both participant racing stables decide on Thursday.

What stump red-bull team is prepared in the season finale, but regardless of particularly worrying: Hamilton is enormous quickly after a motor change. Someone had barely expected with this upswing. Red Bulls Motorsport Consultant Helmut Marko Space already found that the silver arrows in the drive a masterpiece succeeded, he said to the trade magazine Auto, engine and sport and was impressed, say such a rocket in the crucial part of the championship. Whether this is only on the new engine or on a modified rear wing: still unclear.

Starting wants maximum performance

The fact is: After Hamilton has already been written off because stages removed points from him week for week, this trend is now stopped. The Routinize has the advantage of years of experience in the fight for the title, while this is new for his Dutch adversary. In the past four years, however, Hamilton was at the latest three races before the end champion. Lastly asked correctly in 2016, when everything was open to the final Grand Prix. In the end he underlined teammate Nico Robert. It was the only time since 2014 that he was not world champion.

Now there are two completely new routes in Doha and in two weeks in Saudi Arab Judd, before it goes to the season finale to Abu Dhabi. And even if Hamilton has more routine, there is no reason to write off stages. He has earned his top position with nine racing wins in 19 World Cup runs, while Hamilton could win only six times. We still have three races ahead of us, so it s about pushing and as a team to do everything to maximize performance on the track, said stages.

But Hamilton certainly has a chance to influence the performance of stages. Because psycho games are not foreign to the old master. Most recently, he also made a hint in an interview of the Deutsche Dating. Accordingly, there is something many of his opponents together have: They were all mentally vulnerable! And that s an interesting observation as I think.

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