This SSD NVME compatible PS5 at unbeatable price on Amazon

To expand the storage of your PS5 or PC, it is essential to opt for a quick and reliable solution. The WD BLACK SN850 is one of the best SSDs in the category, and its price collapses on Amazon as the Black Friday approaches.

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The SSD WD BLACK SN850 is one of the fastest models of SSD NVMe PCIE GEN 4. This allows him to display his compatibility with the last Sony console, the PS5. To take advantage of maximum performance and lighting time, it is necessary to opt for a fast storage system. The SN850 clearly does not have to blush through its rising speed to 7,000 MB / s read and up to 300 MB / s write. Digital of thermal sink, this SSD does not show any sign of weakness despite long minutes of intensive operation. Nothing to fear on the side of the stability so.

If compatibility with the PS5 is certified only for the model with thermal sink, the tariffs of the latter are simply prohibitive for equivalent performance. This SN850, however, remains compatible despite the absence of heat sink and meets the requirements of the console (format, minimum speed of 500 MB / s, capacity). In doubt, you can always add a small findable dissipated for a few euros and lower the operating temperature.

Available in several versions, we focus on 500 GB and 1 to models that generally offer a good capacity / price ratio. You can also opt for the version 2 to, much more expensive but offering a much more comfortable storage space. Fortunately, if PS5 compatible SSDs are often quite expensive, Amazon offers a nice promotion on this SSD, in these 3 deflections.

The 500 GB version, which constitutes a beautiful upgrade to store more games, is available at a price from €79,99 vs. about €145 usually either 45% off ! If you opt for the 1 to version, the rebate is less interesting but always present. The SSD is thus available at the price of €150.99, much cheaper than the €180 required in normal times. Finally, the version 2 TO, much more expensive, points to €351,99, always more affordable than the €400 found.

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Officially recognized and certified PS5 compatible, the Fired 530 with Heat sink remains a must-have reference for those wishing to extend the storage of only 667 GB of their favorite console. A little more sinking that our SN850, Fired 530 promises high-stolen performance. On the other hand, the rate is much more elitist since it will than be necessary to count €179,99 to offer the version 500 GB. €309.55 of the 1 to version are quite dissuasive and grow better considering the SN850 which offers performance so close as the difference to use will be imperceptible while the dozens of euros saved will make your banker smile.

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