RANFTL in the interview I needed a certain start up time

In the summer for Reinhold RAFT went with the change to Germany to the traditional club FC Schalke 04 a dream come true. After six years in Linz at LAST and 241 competitive games, the wing player decided to jump over the national border and hired at the German Bundesliga Assist. With many advanced laurels, the 29-year-old was recorded by club and fans, four months later, the entry into the new adventure is blowing through which the sixfold international in Austria has introduced themselves. In the beginning, I felt a huge official after change, I wanted to show it all and bring my strengths immediately. But then I had little setbacks, but have underestimated the whole thing a little. It was a lot to do with the move and the Arriving in the new environment. I was in Linz for six years. That was not easy, but now I feel better in my new home. Of course, it is still better on the place, but I m getting into the game and come to the game Slowly where I want to be, Raft explains in conversation with the game.

Especially the athletic high level in the second German Bundesliga has started the experienced Bundesligagame (161 games in the highest Austrian play class) at first: I have considered the level a little differently. You must be at 100 percent at every game, the teams And the hoppers are perfect. Although I have already completed some international games, but you can not compare that with such a championship. The 2nd league really has a top level, the game style is also a little different from in Linz the case was. I just needed time, which I have given myself too little. Of course, you will be restless if the performance is not like that you imagine that, I played very little for a while, trying me in training Again sanction and that suddenly succeeded. In the games, I have already shown what I can. It was important to give me more time, which have I just needed.

Technically and tactical is everyone incredibly trained here

His previous balance with nine compulsory matches in 14 games is nevertheless decent, even if he was at the place from his seven games in the initial formation only at three over the full 90 minutes. After Raft had previously been the undisputed stem player for years at the LAST and provided with the Liner in the European Cup for a furor, he has to face the competition for a long time in Schalke for a long time. He also has something to catch up, as RAFT reveals: In any case, I still have to improve in the game building. I am already working very well against the ball, but here the focus is much more laid on the game with the ball as it is LAST was the case. In the beginning, I have really been heavily, which relates to positioning, ball acceptance and ball coverage. Since I have now made a leap forward. Technically and tactically everyone is incredibly well-educated, you play against players who are partly already playing 100 Bundesliga games and more in the legs have. There is no difference if there is a Reinhold RAFT with its 100 Bundesliga games from Austria. The level is generally just really strong.

With Stuttgart loan Hurling as well as the 19-year-old Schalke-owned-green Aydin, who has played a surprisingly in the starting eleven of the professional team this season, the former Last game must argue around the place on the right side of Gelsenkirchen. At the beginning, of course, you are honored with the situation and thinking: Phew, that s hard. I did not have such a situation for a long time. She was not completely unknown to me, I already had the situation at Storm Graz, where I played little too. Of course, I was very dissatisfied, Fruit was because I just could not show my performance. Then I thought about what it s where I have to improve and then just tried to revise this in training, where I still catch up. Since I have nothing to talk about, I needed a certain start-up time, which concerns the player opening. Since I have to work on it, but how to see: Through hard work you come back. You just can not put your head in the sand. Of course, I also have to increase further, wants to come there where I already was, and I work every day, says RAFT motivated in the fight for a place in the first eleven.

Currently I am a bit far away to put the right to be back.

Reinhold RAFT about the return to the national team

Even if it has not enough for the previously diligent scorer collector (63 in 241 games for the LAST) to no goal or assist, he was allowed to return twice over 90 minutes in recent three games after an injury from Aydin. One celebrated a victory and had to give himself beaten. Generally, the running season of RAFT is still a bit of a roller coaster ride, but even with a banking place, the wing player does not push a frustration, but tries to support his team loudly: If you sit on the bench and hopes that the team loses, that s the wrong Away. You want to feel that even on the place is that the colleagues stand behind one and one s best. I m not 20 more, where I still have my entire career in front of me. I m 29 and with The destination came to Schalke that the club plays again in the first Bundesliga. Even if I do not play this season anymore, and we rise, then I fulfilled my goal too. No matter how much I played. Of course, I want so much Play as possible, but I am also pleased if the memo (Aydin, Note) or Dark (Hurling, Note) bring a good performance, and we win at the end of the day. That s the most important thing.

The nationwide passion of the Schalke fans got to feel RAFT right at the beginning of his adventure, which resulted in his obligation with the Reinhold Raft Rackers a veritable online hype around him and generally have a very strong and almost non-comparable bond to the club as if you are used to living in Austria: If I m on the highway here, I see daily cars with Schalke stickers, there are almost only football. People are holding on football, they suffer with the club with the club and only want the best. We also give our part the best, sometimes it works, sometimes not. Here in the Purport there is a pure football, I talked about it with many people about it. Against Dresden, for example, 54,000 fans were in the second League in the stadium. That s the most viewers I ve ever played. That was a horny experience and there you can see what a traction Schalke 04 has.

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RAFT convinces of LAST trend turn

Despite the Outplace at LAST, it was not enough for the 29-year-old last summer for a place in the Austrian EM squad. With the change to Germany, this should change again, but RAFT but only has to establish itself on Schalke before he deals with a return to the national team: When I changed to Schalke, that was of course a topic for me that I like to, but now I have to do my homework here, and then I can put myself again the next goal. Currently, I am already a bit far away to be the right to be there again. For me, it is important that it is important for me, I show my top performance here, and then it would be nice to be part of the national team again. If it should not work, that would be ok. Of course, as a footballer, you always have to play the goal for his country, but the fact that I have Already a few times there was, gives me confidence and helps me in difficult times. Now the full focus is on Schalke 04.

Not only RAFT has been struggling with form fluctuations in the current season, also his ex-Club Last is difficult to find his shape in the current season. Around his former root club, however, RAFT makes a little worries: The table is very tight. With two, three wins, you are full again. Of course, it is never easy if power providers leave the club, and they still have many new players who are still Need some time. The Last is a footballer already something different from it knows most, because it is called Pressing, Pressing, Pressing. I have made the experience itself, you need a certain degree of families there still have contact with many boys All of them are motivated and give gas. So I m firmly convinced that the club will be under the top four at the end of the season.

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