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The launch of the MMOs New World is now almost two months. Nevertheless, there are still some things that even experienced players have not known or who are not quite obvious.

Tips & Guide for New World

The Reddit user Michael-Hex has recently made the effort to put together a list of such helpful details. He clearly faces that he did not find out all these details themselves, but has collected from different sources. Some points of this list are certainly already known to you, but others may be new to a level 60 player.

The selection ranges from useful shortcuts that make life easier than online adventurers, to special tricks in certain situations. Maybe you also have one or the other tip ready. Here are some examples in the overview:

You can break the Victory Pose together with the camera movement by clicking the left mouse button right after completing the circle mini-game
The same applies to the result overview of crafting; Here you can jump with the left mouse button directly to the next crafting result

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Fountain also counts in quests in the style of Search boxes according to… as a box. You should therefore always look for a fountain in the respective areas
Presses and holds Ctrl + S to disassemble items without further demand
To protect an object from being accidentally disassembled, you must keep the L button printed and click on the object with the left mouse button. In this way, you make a kind of protection
If your ESC has pressed to display the menu, three icons can be seen before each marked quest, display on map, Show in the diary and Do not mark anymore ). To use these icons is much faster than the detour over the diary

New World TIPS (34 Tips for Beginners) | New World MMO
Regeneration and healing drinks do not have the same decay timer. Therefore, it is useful to equip with both soaks
Hold down Alt + H to hide the entire interface. This is very suitable for making screenshots of the game
You can block uninterruptedly with the right mouse button and attack it with the left mouse button without lifting the block


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