Lewis Hamilton like a resurrected Senna

Benson Alexander Lyons Button (From, Somerset, England, United Kingdom; January 19, 1980), better called Benson Switch, is a British speed drive as well as expedite of Formula 1 that got involved in between 2000 and 2017 in The claimed classification, crowning champ of the globe in 2009 with Brawn GP.
Button started at the Karting at the age of 8 as well as achieved excellent successes before and also during his remain by greater categories of abilities such as the British Ford Formula and also the British Champion of Formula 3. In his career of Formula 1 he has actually completed in scarves Williams, Benetton, Renault, Energy General Practitioner and Bar, Shi pry where he would certainly attain his very first platform, Post Placement, as well as quickly lap. Honda, group where it would attain its very first triumph after 113 large rewards played in 2006. Brawn general practitioner, team where I would certainly win the Championship of Pilots and also Builders in 2009. And also because 2010 it belongs to the McLaren team, with 7 periods has actually attained with the Group Finish Subcampeón in 2011.
McLaren awarded Button The Young Vehicle Driver Honor in 1999.
On January 1, 2010, the pilot was consisted of in the 2010 New Year Formality list, therefore coming to be a member of the British Empire Order for Him Providers. The hometown of Button, From, has called a street, Benson Avenue, after him, and also has actually offered him the liberty of the city. The city also intends to call a brand-new bridge over the From River The Benson Button Bridge.
Switch is likewise associated with charity resolve the development of Benson Button Depend On. Developed in March 2010, the Fund gives contributions to a series of useful causes. Yearly the Structure will pick as well as designate charity beneficiaries to which the funds will certainly be dispersed.
Button was Formula 1 World Champ in 2009, Subcampeón in 2011, 3rd in 2004 and 5th in 2010 and also 2012. Throughout his occupation, the British has achieved 306 races (17 periods), 15 triumphs, 8 poles, 50 podiums and also 8 quick laps because category.


Sun: Full score! Lewis Hamilton has finally ended the debate on the best Formula 1 driver of all time with a victory in Senna Manner in São Paulo. It was suitable for him to be in Brazil, the home of his Youth herds Aaron Senna, delivered such a performance.

Guardian: Nothing is impossible! Against all adversities and after a weekend full of stumbling blocks, Lewis Hamilton has set himself up with a remarkable victory against a sea of ​​problems.

Daily Mail: Lewis Hamilton showed one of the best rides of his life and rebuilt his World Cup ambitions. Damon Hill, world champion of 1996, described this turn as one of the most spectacular moments of formula 1.


DE Volkskrant: Ode to Senna: Hamilton defeated stages in the titanium futile. Max stopped, pushed and pressed everything out of his Red Bull, but he was not equal in Brazil.

AD: Lewis Hamilton hung in the ropes after three heavy races, but on one of his so far best weekends he struck back in merciless. The fans in Interlagos felt that they were witnesses of something very special.


Gazette hello Sport: Superstar Hamilton climbed the Mount Everest in two days. Hamilton handles with courage and passion of one of the most complicated adventures in his 15 years in Formula 1.

Lewis Hamilton's radio after the great recovery from the sprint race | 2021 São Paulo GP
Corriere dello Sport: The divine Hamilton carries out a wonderful catch-up hunt, to capitulate in front of the stages. Lewis has finished his race like a resurrected Senna.

Autosport: The spectacular duel between Hamilton and stages is far more than an impressive sporting performance. Their rivalry is the credible manifesto of a formula 1, which also testifies an extraordinary vitality even at the age of more than 70 years.

La Repubblica: More than a race: Carnival. In Brazil, Hamilton destroys the mask of the loser.

Corriere Della era: Tornado Lewis sweeps off stages. The heritage Senna adorn Brazil and the world. He proves that you can never give up.


March: Lewis Hamilton gave everyone a lesson. This is one of the most outstanding victories of his life. The image of stages is scratched, he tried to push out Hamilton. The fight of the Titans continues.

AS: This dead is still very alive. Madness victory of Hamilton. Two Titans, two giants, two pilots who are called history to write in a duel of superlatives. It was one of the biggest demonstrations that It is remembered by the British genius. Hamilton fought with the rage of an injured master.

Sport: Hamilton wins in Brazil on a weekend with sanctions and theater. Hamilton never gives up, he underlined that again.

El Mundo Deporting: Epic triumph of Hamilton, the World Cup becomes more exciting than ever. Hamilton sinks stages in a large, final battle. It is a psychological blow for stages. As Hamilton overtook, the tribune roared like her Beloved Senna would have been.


L Equip: The leader in the overall standings, Max stopped (Red Bull), was stopped on Sunday in São Paulo by being outdated by his rival Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes). And he has his new his bad properties shown.


Crowns newspaper: Madness! With the next successful catch-up, a wild-determined Lewis Hamilton has won the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Brazil.


View: Madness at the GP Brazil. Lewis wins in front of Max and makes WM exciting again. Lewis Hamilton shocks with his new engine all! The Write drives from rank 10 to the front and celebrates its 101st GP victory. There should be the commitment of 5000 euros, which he got for too early solving the seat belts, no matter.

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