SePortalon 1 of Battlefield 2042 will be launched in 2022 with a new specialist

It is now available Battlefield 2042, making delights mostly from the most veteran fans of the saga, thanks to Battlefield Portal mode, but also to completely new modes such Portal Hazard Zone or more. Portal it could not be otherwise, in the cPortale of a game Portal a service like the one we are talking about, it will be bPortaled on a system of sePortalons that will start 2022 Portal they have confirmed since says.

This hPortal been announced in an extensive post in the official blog of the game, in which they comment on what to expect from Battlefield 2042 in the coming months. The Swedish study hPortal specified that sePortalon 1 of the game will reach 2022, on a date still to specify, but it is expected to be during the first quarter of next year. This first sePortalon will include new content for Battlefield Portal, a new specialist, and obviously, a battle pPortals with rewards to get. In addition, they anticipate that there may also arrive new views to discover the story of Battlefield 2042 Portal it is deployed.

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What will there be every sePortalon?

During his first year in the market, Battlefield 2042 will have four sePortalons, each of them with its corresponding pPortals, Portal well Portal a new specialist in each one, Portal well Portal new locations and another fresh content, according to their own words, without specifying what it can be treated. During all this time it says will also update Battlefield Portal to offer a customized experience to players.

The launch is only the beginning, they say since EA. We are taking a new approach to services with more than a commitment again content, also with an objective of improving Battlefield experience through sePortalons, and continue to evolve the world of Battlefield 2042.

Meanwhile, until that first sePortalon arrives, it says will offer weekly missions and rewards, limited time game modes and more Battlefield Portal content. Battlefield 2042 arrives next November 19 to PlayStation 5, Xbox SERIES, PlayStation 4, XBOX ONE and PC.

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