Legend of Legendara Monthly Tournament The War of the Pharnes

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(LOL) (LOL) World View Ball Game Legend of LETTER> (LOOPHOLE OF YEAR (LOOPHOLE) (FOR) hosts the Final Final confrontation of the LORD LORD (LOOPHOLE OF LED) (LOOPHOLE) (LOOPHOLE) (LOYOLA) (LORDLY OF LELA (LOOPHOLE) (LORDLY) (MODULAR) (LORDLY) (LORDLY) (LORDLY) (LORDLY) (FOR) is held from the 15th too 16th to 16 days.

The war of the The War is the game creator Taichung, Creative season tournament winner Taejon Time, and the popular infinite population of the card game is a total of four teams. FOR> is the event match. The final confrontation of the final champion to the final ranking of the tournament, from May to October, from May to October.

The first day in the coming on the 15th, the first match of the team points, the third, the fourth, the Uncharted (Kim Noon, Taejon Time, SDA RO) team and the supporter The confrontation of the confrontation of the first match victory team and the second match of the first match win and the secondary match, the secondary Africa Frees ( Africa Frees, the semi-finals of the team,

In the second primary final match, which is on the 16th, the final victory team and the team points 0 Turner (J01, Receive Life, Wintered) team will have the final confrontation.

Each team must submit a total of six decks, and the deck prohibits the duplication of the champion card and regional combination. One area is available up to three times. The deck is released by the disclosure method to release all the decks for each team before the final start. Final 1 First match and semi-finals are the six decks in the six decks that each team submitted, and select 4 decks in the remaining five decks to proceed to 4 deck 0 Van BO7.

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The two-day finals proceed to a total of three rounds, each round selects four decks among six decks, van a deck in the opponent team to proceed to the four-deck 1 Van BO5. However, the six decks can be selected only two times in each team.

1 Round athlete only receives the players first, and then expands the confrontation of the pigs, and then submit a second round player. The player and the selected deck release will be released simultaneously to both teams, and the team that first win two rounds of three rounds becomes the war final champion of the faith.

The victims of the warfare faithfulness of the faucet are given 5 million won for winning teams to W14mm. The prize money will be paid differently according to the ranking.

Meanwhile, we will give a variety of viewers to be viewed by the final. Friend Summon Cheering Event and Live Live Event Twitch Easy Lottery Event, New Event of the Week of Winning, The New Event of the Finish Winning A total of four events such as events are held. Event winners are provided with various prizes such as skin and card back, board, and Legend of Course> Clothing.

The Final Competition will be launched at 6 pm on the 16th of the 16th, and you can see it on the Personal Channel of the Influenza, which is participating in the official Tweet channels and competitions. As a result, the commentary and proceedings are going to play with Choir Wagon Casters and DK, and Icarus.

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